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NEW MOTHERS: proper nutrition= new you

Updated on October 14, 2009

Mummy take care of yourself!!

Finally your baby fell asleep...

after what looked like forever;breastfeeding,holding, diapering, feeding some soup,calming down ,walking around, breastfeeding again, waiting for a burp....etc'

Now what do i do first? Where do i start? My newborn sleeps peacefully and who know's for how long. "sleep when the baby sleeps" yes absolutely that's what you definitely long to do but you find yourself pulled to different directions; like the kitchen sink(full with dishes) or the laundry... prepare a quick dinner for your husband ...

You are feeling so overwhelmed the only thing you can do is CRY...

New mothers go through a lot of emotional and phisical changes ( the hormones...!!)

Proper nutrition is therefor very very important!!Because it can help make from this time a happy and and healthy time for mum and baby. There are many nutritionists who have made wonderfull products that help A NEW MUM LOOK AND FEEL GREAT!! HERE's a glimpse at just a few:

WOMAN'S NUTRITIONAL SYSTEM-It's a hormone balancing multivitamin with herbs for the woman's nutritional requirements.And support and balance the female system, while providing a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals specifically targeted for female

RELAX TO THE MAX,B12 LOZENGES and MAXI OMEGA 3 CONCENTRATE- It's not uncommon for a new mum to feel down. These products can help strengthen someone emotionally and physically. Sometimes proper nourishment is enough to ward off the baby blues.MAXI HEALTH SUPREME with xtra calcium and FIBERMAX if a mum is suffering from constipation and for those mums who don't want to wait till after they stop nursing to lose some weight, NATUREMAX PLUS is a meal replacement product that will ensure that both mum and baby continue to get the nutrition they


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