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Care for Prosthetics

Updated on March 22, 2017

Prosthesis or Prosthetic devices are important part of life of those who lost their limbs. These devices enable such individuals to restore mobility and get back to their normal activity.

The first time you were fixed up with prosthetic tools, your prosthetist will give you some guidance or tips on how to take proper care of it. You need to take good care of your limb as well as your skin for your health and mobility. This care is always necessary to avoid abrasions, discomfort, trapped swat, fungal, and bacterial infections.

Below, you will find some proven tips to help you take care of your extremity and skin. These tips will help you to avoid further damage to the already vulnerable areas:

1. Keep in Touch with Your Prosthetist

Your Prosthetist, or the person who design these devices for you is the best person in the right position to advice you on its use and care. You should always have his direct line and reach him anytime you run into problems with your device. If you are confused about how to make adjustments to your device, avoid proceeding further until you've asked your prosthetist, otherwise, you may end up causing personal injury to yourself or even break the prosthesis.

2. Keep an Eye for the Mechanical Parts of Your Prosthesis

It is not abnormal to have some part of your prosthesis become loose after some period of use. It is recommended you check the screws, bolts and other mechanical parts once in a while to see if they are getting loose and need tightening or replacement. Keeping the part of prosthesis in their correct position will enable the device to last long for you. Note that you may likely require the help of your prosthetist to make the necessary adjustment.

3. Report Unusual Noises

If your prosthesis is making unusual noise, then it is time to have a chat with your prosthetist. Unusual noise signify problem with the device. The exact kind of noise will depend on the type of prosthesis you have. However, you should try to fix it immediately it as soon as possible.

4. Check for Cracks or Breaks

It is possible for your prosthesis to have crack or breaks appear after some period of use. These cracks and breaks are mostly as a result of wear and tear arising from the constant use of the device. You should immediately let your prosthetist know if you notice any crack appearing. This could be a sign that your prosthesis is about to fall apart.

5. Clean Perspiration

Your prosthesis can be subjected to perspiration since it is enclosed in a plastic socket. When this perspiration occurs, it could lead to odor and in some cases, attracts bacteria. To ensure you take proper care of it, sprinkle baking soda to clean the perspiration or use an over-the-counter antiperspirant like CertainDri.

6. Cleanse Daily

It is recommended that you clean the residual limb every day after each use. To achieve this, you simply need to use a clean water and antibacterial soap to clean thoroughly and then dry with a towel.

7. Keep Prosthesis Socket Clean

You will need to keep the prosthesis socket clean though your skin won't come into direct contact with it. Keeping it clean by cleaning daily will help your artificial limb to work properly. Additionally, it will also help to reduce unnecessary wear. It is recommended that you clean the inside socket at least two times a week with soap and water. Ensure you allow it to dry.

8. Conduct Daily Examination

Carefully check the surface of your residual limb for tender areas when you are bathing. Check for any sort of blister or abrasion. This practice is very necessary especially for those who have diabetes or vascular disease. You should also check for signs of injury. If you see injury or redness, get in touch with your prosthetist to report the problem.


Proper prosthesis care is important for your own health and for the durability of your prosthesis. You should always contact your prosthetist anytime you have skin issue as a result of your device or your device needs an adjustment.


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