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Carrot sticks anyone?!

Updated on July 14, 2010

For the Night Owl in You

I have to admit squishy cooked carrots are not what I would consider a delicacy, but when one strains to read that fine print; better yet, remember trick-or-treating on Halloween when you had to peep through tiny holes that passed for the eyes in your costume and for a moment you wanted to throw a fit because you couldn’t see through the holes clearly enough to pull that prank.

Or maybe you are on a road trip and you cant drive at night because of poor visibility meaning, you will take longer to get to your destination than anticipated. Then thought of “I need to eat more carrots” pops into your head and squishy doesn’t even come to mind.

Well this is due to the eyesight vitamin. However, it does perform other functions such as bone growth and in reproduction whereby it aids in cell division (multiplication to ensure dead cell are replaced by new ones) and cell differentiation (where cell specialize themselves into the different organs such as the lungs, brain and muscle).

The challenge with Vitamin A however, is that it is water soluble meaning that it easily dissolves in water and upon absorption into the body, it floats around in the blood stream. This means that after the body is saturated with it, the excess is passed out through urine.

According to the research the recommended dietary intakes for Vitamin A measured in International Units for males above 19yrs is 3000 IU while for females is 2310 IU. 2 raw carrots measuring about 7.5-8inches provide about 8666 IU of Vitamin A.

Better yet, fresh carrot juice offers double that amount. This means that a carrot or two everyday can take care of your vitamin A requirements and the best part is you can forgo the squishiness altogether.

So when you reach for that bag of potato chips, those chocolate chip cookies or that blueberry muffin as you sit down to relax after a long day and cooking is the last thought on your mind, how about opting for a glass of carrot juice to wash it all down. The added bonus of all this is, you get the fiber you need to clean out your colon.

Cheat your body into healthy living the right way!


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