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Cat Allergy Symptoms - Am I Allergic To Cats?

Updated on October 21, 2012

Cat Allergy Symptoms Are Nothing To Sneeze At!

Cat Allergy Symptoms can be tricky to diagnose in some cases since cat allergies can be very similar to environmental allergies.

For Example, cat allergy symptoms can resemble the symptoms of a pollen sensitivity.

On this hub we will talk about some of the most common cat allergy symptoms and or course, how to tell if you are allergic to cats.

How to Cope with Cat Allergies

When you suspect that you or a person in your household is allergic to the family pet it can be tough situation. Especially if you have already fallen in love your cat and do not want to have to get rid of the kitty.

Luckily, most cat allergies can be handled to the point that a lot of people can own a cat despite the fact they are allergic.

Many people think they are allergic to the cats fur, this is not the case. You are actually allergic to the cats saliva or the dander.

With different types of shampoos and or wipes you can help to control the cat dander and also the allergic reaction to cats. If the allergy can be coped with and the effectiveness of the products depends on the person with the allergy, the cat, and the products themselves.

Dealing with Cat Allergies with Dr. Carolyn Quagliata


About Cat Allergies

One of the things about cat allergies is that the allergies may not present themselves right away.

An allergy to cats can present itself after a few minutes, hours, days and could even develop after a few years of owning a cat. Cat allergy symptoms are not always instantaneous.

Some of the most common cat allergy symptoms are things like sneezing, watery, itchy red eyes, and scratchy or sore throat.

Cat allergy symptoms can come in any number. It could just be one symptom or it could be many.

Any way that the symptoms present themselves it is very important that you diagnose the allergy to cats and then either remove the problem or find another solution.

Now, just because you or a loved one is allergic to cats does not necessarily mean you will have to re-home your furry friend. It may just mean getting cat allergy relief, which does come in several different forms.

Cat Allergy Symptoms

Other cat allergy symptoms include:

  • Puffy, red, swollen, watery, itchy, burning, eyes
  • coughing or wheezing
  • clogged up or ringing ears
  • dry, scratchy, irritated throat
  • skin rashes or irritation.

Any of the above or several of the above or any combination of the above could mean you have a cat allergy.

Is It Really a Cat Allergy?

Cat Allergy Test

However, just because you have one or several of the above symptoms does not always mean you have a cat allergy.

The only real way to find out if these are indeed cat allergy symptoms is to remove the cat from your household. Not permanently of course.

If you can remove the cat from your home and have it stay someplace else for a week or two and completely clean your house to rid everything of cat fur. This means sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, washing, etc. You may have to get something to clean your furniture as well. This test is pointless if you do not get everything clean from cat fur.

If you do this test and the symptoms go away it is probable that you are indeed allergic to cats.

After you assess if you have a cat allergy it is important that you do not just ignore that allergy to cats. There are treatments and things you can use to treat cat allergies.


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