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Causes and Remedy for Eczema

Updated on October 23, 2017

Eczema is a skin condition that usually develops on the creases of the elbow or on the creases of the knees. It appears in the form of rashes and these rashes could thicken, get lighter than the natural skin color or darker. Eczema cream is usually used to treat these rashes. This condition develops during childhood and more often than not gradually disappears during adult hood. The condition is more often than not, intermittent. One may not show any symptoms of eczema for months and then suddenly the condition could develop and last a few weeks or months unless treated. Eczema natural treatment includes use of topical creams that are organic in nature.

Causes and Symptoms

Dryness of the skin, exposure to pollutants in the environment that one may be allergic to or a problem with the body’s immune system could be the cause of this skin ailment. Heredity also plays role sometimes. Eczema treatment is always in the form of ointments or creams that are applied topically. A good quality over the counter eczema ointment should do the job.

Psoriasis is yet another skin condition that could cause quite a bit of discomfort. While many may consider the eczema and psoriasis to be the same, they are different. The skin becomes dry and scaly in psoriasis condition. For this too good quality psoriasis ointments or psoriasis cream can alleviate the irritation.


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