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Causes of Fatigue

Updated on February 10, 2013

There are several causes of fatigue.  Most people feel weak, sleepy, sluggish or tired during the day.  There are many different factors that can contribute to this feeling.  Unfortunately there is not one single solution.  In some instances there is a medical reason why you constantly feel tired.  However, let’s explore some of the causes we create ourselves and how we can overcome them.

Nutrition is good place to start.  Think of your body as an engine.  Like an engine your body needs the right type of fuel to perform at its best.  A well balanced diet provides your body with the appropriate vitamins and minerals necessary to sustain an even energy level throughout the day.  Diets high in sugars and fats will make the body feel sluggish.  Sugars give the body a quick burst of energy but after they burns through the sugar you are worse than where you started.  The body did not get the nutrients it needed from the sugar and is now depleted and you feel more tired than before.  Look for good, natural foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals to fuel the body.  Also look at the combinations and quantity of food that you consumer.  Digesting food requires energy.  Therefore larger meals will take longer to digest and will require more energy.  Try having smaller meals at more regular intervals throughout the day.  This will keep a constant stream of good food to fuel the body, producing more energy, making you feel less tired. 

If your diet includes caffeine this could have an effect on your level of fatigue during the day. Some people say to stay away from caffeine. But if your favorite drink includes caffeine and you cannot live without it then moderate the amount you consume. Also try not to have caffeinated drinks too close to when you want to go to sleep. Each person’s body will be different on how they handle and metabolize caffeine. During the day caffeine gives you a short term boost in energy but also a big crash after it has worked through your system.

Another cause of fatigue believe it or not is over sleeping. Most people believe that sleeping longer will help them stock pile energy so they will feel less tired during the day. But think about it, have you ever felt even more tired after getting more sleep than usual? The reason for this is that everyone has a sleeping cycle. The sleep cycle encompasses the different stages of sleep each human goes through. Interfering with this cycle, whether it is less or more sleep, can cause you to feel tired throughout the day. For some people they feel great on 8 hours of sleep, while others feel great on 6 or 7 hours of sleep. Log your sleeping patterns to help determine your cycle. Ensure you factor in any unusual activity when monitoring your sleep cycle and level of energy throughout the day. Discovering your sleep cycle will help you overcome fatigue during the day.

Hopefully this helps identify and overcome some causes of fatigue. I would love to hear your comments on this subject. Also if you liked this post and would like to read more, I suggest checking out How to Relieve Infant Gas, Cold Remedies for Infants and Cool Mist Humidifier vs. Warm Mist Humidifier.


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