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Causes of Hemorrhoids and Hemorrhoid Treatment

Updated on June 22, 2010

Internal and External Hemorrhoids

If you've ever felt the itching, burning, as well as the pain that accompanies hemorrhoids, then you know personally how aggravating and discomforting they can be. Hemorrhoids happen when the veins surrounding the anus as well as lower rectum become inflamed or swollen.

There are a lot of various groups of veins that surround the rectum as well as the anus. The first group is called the internal hemorrhoid veins and the second group is called the external hemorrhoid veins. What is seen as the underlying cause of hemorrhoids is when there is increased pressure that takes place upon these veins.

Why Hemorrhoids Occur

Pressure on the veins surrounding the anus is usually brought about by excessive straining especially during every bowel movement. A lot of times, constipation as well as diarrhea can play a big role in causing hemorrhoid development to occur because of having to sit for extended periods of time as well as constant straining. Some factors that can bring about hemorrhoids can include heavy lifting, being overweight, pregnancy, high fat and low fiber diets, as well as aging.

Hemorrhoids are painful, aggravating, embarrassing and oftentimes in severe cases really debilitating. But, for those who are experiencing hemorrhoid pain there are a lot of ways avalable to help in alleviating the symptoms.

Finding Hemorrhoid Treatment

There are a lot of over the counter products that can help lessen the pain, itching and burning felt by hemorrhoid sufferers. These kind of products are found at local drug stores, discount stores as well as grocery stores. It may come in a form of ointments, creams, salves, as well as suppositories.

Some all natural hemorrhoid products have been tested and proven to be effective in relieving as well as alleviating even the most severe or serious cases of hemorrhoids. A lot of these products are usually found online and can be presented in both tablet (oral form) as well as soothing ointments that contain aloe.

Hemorrhoids are not unusual. They actually affect millions of people regardless of age, race as well as gender each and every year. So, if you are one of those suffering from hemorrhoid symptoms, there is really no reason to feel ashamed and to hide it. Do not ignore the symptoms or even allow these hemorrhoid symptoms to worsen. Go and look for treatment that can help stop the pain, itching or burning so you can get back to living life as normally as possible.


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