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Causes of Mental Depression

Updated on January 10, 2013

Causes for depression - Physical and Environmental

What causes mental depressions?

Mental depression is a serious mental illness that affects millions of people worldwide. Lots of studies are made each year to know more about this condition that each year send hundreds in a no-return trip to suicide. Last year I was interviewed by a national tv channel that asked me how I looked towards the relationship between psychological illnesses and physical diseases and I had to say there was some co-relation so its vital that the psych problems are solved sooner rather than later.

Some causes of depression are physical, like genetics, hormonal changes and physical illnesses, others are emotional - take for example stress, problems with your job and a bad relationship with your better half.

Some of the other factors that may put you on the path of depression are a big loss, financial problems and being overwhelmed by stressing events.

Depression seems to affect people who are pessimists or/and have low self esteem. Beneath you may find some causes of depression and some signs as well for the different groups affected.

Causes of Depression in Women

Women are the most affected group. Depression strikes hard at women mainly because they are the group that has the biggest hormonal changes throughout their lives - think about postpartum, menstruation cycles, menopause, pregnancy and hormonal flutters.

Let's not forget that the woman, in our society, still has a vital role in the household - she normally tends to children and elders and has to work inside her home as well as outside which adds to the stress factor.

When a woman is affected by depression, she usually admits it faster than her male counterpart, allowing treatment to be provided - in this treatment, emotional support from her family is fundamental, as the woman tends to have a big attachment to her family.


Depression in Men

Men that are affected by depression are harder to come by - they disguise their depression with great skill. They don't admit they might have a problem and even when they find out that they are depressed they still mask it - usually with alcohol, drugs or violence.

Men don't act all lousy and sad when they are depressed, instead they act irritated and furious and sometimes compensate how they feel by working long hours. Men are a group that tend to have a greater risk of Coronary Heart Disease following a depression - another reason for them to be treated early on.

Mental Depression - Children

Children's Depression is hard to diagnose, as you might be tempted to think its just a "phase". It can be a "phase" indeed, but it also might be serious - that's one of the reasons the illness is hard to identify in children.

Some signs of depression in children include the fear of loss of one parent, mainly having a great fear that one of his parents might die soon, pretending to be sick to avoid school and to get attention, and the oldest child usually becomes a bullie if affected by depression - to compensate how he feels.

A good sign to be alert is if teachers or relatives state that "Your kid doesn't seem like himself".

Elders rarely get depressed

Elderly people are usually happy and don't get depressed easily. However if they do there is a great chance that they will constantly complain about physical symptoms and illnesses - that old woman you hear is always going to the doctor complaining about all sorts of things might be depressed.

One of the biggest problems on elderly depression is that it is usually depicted as being a normal component of aging - it is not!

If your parents or elders are acting like the above stated, consider talking to a professional about it, because elders don't admit they are depressed.

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So, summing up

Victim of Depression
Common Causes
Irritated, Evasive
Stress, Frustration
Sad, Detached
Relationship Problems
Sad, Nostalgic
Unhappy with Life Path
Concerned, Sick
Genetics, Parents with Problems


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