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Causes of fever

Updated on August 28, 2009

What causes Fever


As soon one feels unwell, even the mother or the doctor observes the body temperature with a thermometer.  They try to find out if there is fever.  A healthy body should have (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) 37 degrees centigrade.  The temperature rises due to disease and this higher than normal temperature we call “Fever”.  Fever is almost a sign that show that person in someway is sick.


The temperature is observed and recorded twice a day.  This shown the incline and decline of temperature.  This chart ultimately becomes indicative of disease, one has.  Other diseases also have their pattern or “temperature curve”.  A fever chart particularly for pneumonia etc which has a certain pattern. 


A strange thing about fever really is that we do not know what it actually is. One thing we do know certainly is that it helps us to fight sickness.  That is the reason: Why fever makes the vital processes and organs in the body work faster. The hormones and enzymes and blood cells are produced.  The hormones, enzymes are useful chemicals in our body, they work harder.  Our blood cells destroy harmful germs better.  Our blood circulates better, faster, and we breathe faster and thus get rid of wastes and poisons in our system.


Our body cannot afford to have fever for too long and too often.  A fever per 24 hours destroys protein, that is stored in our body.  Since protein is mighty necessary for life, fever is an “ Expensive” way to fight off desease.


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