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How to Calm a Baby with Colic and Causes

Updated on October 28, 2016

Causes for Colic in Babies

The cause of a baby having colic is due to stomach gas in the intestines. This is why the baby will cry continuously, because they may have a stomach ache, due to the potency of the formula-milk they are drinking. Before each bottle feed of milk, the baby needs to drink a water bottle first to prevent stomach gas; this will help a crying infant with colic. Sometimes the baby will drink the whole bottle of water, or maybe half of it; this is a great way to prevent an infant from having colic. The ounces of water to give the baby before giving the formula-milk can be 2-6 ounces .

Avoid letting the baby drink from an empty bottle, because the air from the empty bottle can cause the baby's stomach to get gassy.

Also, over feeding an infant that has colic will not make their stomach feel better, but worse. Sometimes holding your infant in your arms and rocking them back and forth slightly, will help calm them (no shaking movements when rocking the baby); this will calm a baby with colic.

The definition of colic – This happens with crying infant that are having stomach pain due to gas symptoms. The baby in many cases will not stop crying; even when the baby is cuddled, fed, and diaper changed the baby will still keep crying. Many infants get colic after 2-4 weeks of age, colic can lasts for about 3-4 months of age. Colic symptoms are normal for babies that get it, and colic symptoms can be prevented.

How to Calm an Infant with Colic

  • Burp the baby after each bottle feed, (milk, water, or juice).

  • Hold the baby on your chest, with their head slightly over your shoulder as you burp the baby.

  • Tap the baby’s back with your four fingers, not your whole hand; tap between their shoulder blades, very gently.

  • Keep tapping the baby’s back continuously until the baby has burped at least 3–5 times.

  • The louder the burp the less stomach gas the baby will have; which prevents colic.

  • Massage therapy; rub baby’s back, stomach, arms, legs, and feet.

  • Play soft instrumental music or a positive nursery rhyme.

  • Reduce noise in the home.

  • Bottle feed baby without air passing through bottle. Watch bottle feedings to make sure baby is not sucking in any air.

  • Bottle-feed baby in a slightly upright position, instead of straight on their back.

  • Mothers have to be in a calm mood, so that baby doesn’t sense any anxiety.

How to Calm a Baby with Colic – Causes for Colic in Babies
How to Calm a Baby with Colic – Causes for Colic in Babies

Breastfeeding Prevents Colic Symtoms

All the tips above, to calm a baby with colic will help relax a crying infant, in most cases. One sure way to prevent colic in babies is to breastfeed as soon as the baby is born. Breast milk is the best milk for your infant, and it is normal. Breast milk reduces the causes of potential colic in babies.

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