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The Causes of Ringworm/Tinea Corporis

Updated on January 7, 2017
The Causes of Ringworm/Tinea Corporis
The Causes of Ringworm/Tinea Corporis

Causes of Ringworm - Tinea Corporis

A ringworm infection is an itchy infection on the skin, which is red in the form of a circle. Skin fungus infection can spread in different parts of the body, and can be caused by person-to-person contact. Ringworm infection is most commonly associated with children. Ringworm is not a worm; it is a fungus that feeds on perspiration and dead skin cells. Ringworm can spread from infected pets and animals onto humans. Ringworm is not always circular in appearance, skin fungus have different appearances.

The fungus may stay on one part of the skin or it might spread to other areas. Ringworm - Tinea Corporis-- is a skin fungus that can be contagious and spread from one individual to the next, especially by athlete's foot. The athlete's foot can cause ringworm infection to the next person, by sharing towels, hairbrushes, showers, gym locker rooms, swimming pools, and bed sheets. Ringworm - Tinea can cause infection on the feet, body, scalp, and groin area (jock itch).

Also a weakened immune system can assist with the spreading of skin fungus on the body. Another possible cause of ringworm is when an individual is sweating and the bacteria from their fingernails mix with their sweat as they scratch their skin.

If ringworm affects your scalp contact a

Dermatologist immediately for proper treatment, and to prevent permanent hair-loss.

Treatment of Ringworm

  • Eat healthy foods that contain natural vitamins, this will assist with building your immune system.

  • Drink 4-7 glasses of water daily (8 ounces); exercise at least 5 minutes daily.

  • Importantly, take a shower after working out, to keep the skin dry and free from sweat.

  • Use Dial antibacterial soap when showering, or glycerin soap.

  • Wear 100% cotton fabric blouses or shirts, which keeps the skin dryer and absorbs sweat.

  • Change clothes twice a day when using anti-fungal creams.

  • Wash laundry with Arm and Hammer liquid detergent instead of using powder detergents.

  • Wash hands approximately 4-6 times a day.

  • Wipe affected areas on skin once a day with Isopropyl Alcohol on a cotton ball.

  • Wipe affected areas with Witch Hazel astringent.

  • Possibly take 1 or 2 showers daily until symptoms improve.


The Causes of Ringworm/Tinea Corporis
The Causes of Ringworm/Tinea Corporis
The Causes of Ringworm/Tinea Corporis
The Causes of Ringworm/Tinea Corporis

Keep your skin dry and clean; avoid sharing personal items with other individuals such as underwear, towels, shoes, hair combs or brushes, bedding, pillows, etc. And if you noticed red circular blotches on the skin that are itchy, call your doctor as soon as possible. Most skin fungus/ringworm problems can be treated at home with an over-the-counter cream such as "Derman." This anti-fungal cream is commonly used for athlete's foot, but can also be used on the skin as well.

When using the cream, clean the area first, and then apply a thin layer. Be sure to wash your hands first. Apply the Derman Antifungal Cream on clean skin, twice a day morning and at night, for 4 weeks to the affected areas of the skin. Derman Antifungal Cream is available at Walmart in the Pharmacy aisle, or online. And if skin problems persist after using the anti-fungal cream for 4 weeks, contact a Dermatologist. Also for fingernail and scalp fungus, make an appointment with a Dermatologist for an oral antibiotic treatment.

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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 16 months ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for your helpful instructions. Glad you cleared that up that this is not a worm.