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Independence Day

Updated on July 25, 2016


Independence Day, or 4th of July as most of us know it, is a time of celebration for the freedom our nation has earned and fought for. This precious independence was not intended to allow us to be able to say or do whatever we want. The efforts our forefathers put forth were for much more. In those days, England was very controlling of its citizens and freedom to live as one wanted was not an inherent right. Areas such as the right to live a prosperous life, worship as one believed as well as the right to refuse taxation without a reasonable purpose, were not accessible for the people of England. A small group not only felt the injustice from England’s oppressive control but were ready and willing to do whatever necessary to fight for the changes needed to obtain freedom for themselves as well as generations to come.

In many ways, addiction can be just as controlling and just as oppressive. When a person has an addiction, that addiction takes control and hinders that person from pursuing any other goal in their life. Moving forward and creating a meaningful, productive life is only a fleeting dream when bound by addiction. In like manner as our founding fathers, a fight for positive change is the only answer to achieve freedom from the bondage.


Worth the Fight

Any hard fought win for freedom deserves celebration! That’s why July 4th of every year is so important. But besides the picnics, barbecues and fireworks of the 4th of July, there is a different type of Independence Day. It’s a more personal event that takes place when a person makes the decision to break free from the control and oppression of addiction-a personal Independence Day. This day is not unlike the one we observe to recognize the victories won to make our nation one that can stand strong and on its own. To gain independence from addiction, a person must be willing to do whatever necessary to fight its control. Just as our forefathers used every resource available to succeed, it is necessary to use every means of support open to you.

The fight for independence is never easy. You will have to fight just as those who founded our nation had to fight, struggle, face hardships and resist thoughts of failure. They faced many obstacles and setbacks but never gave up their vision for freedom. The road to freedom from addiction is traveled with many of the same pitfalls and conquered with the same determination-never give up! Independence: the first step to a better life!

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