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Celebrities and Hair Loss

Updated on May 1, 2013

Video From David Ryan Show

Celebrities Who Allegedly Wear Wigs

According to David Ryan, radio talk show host in Minnesota, there are quite a few male celebrities who rely on hair pieces to camouflage bald spots on their head. He discusses the stars that he believes to be balder than most people realize in the video posted above. This includes:

(1) Ben Affleck

(2) Nicolas Cage

(3) Brendan Fraser

(4) Matthew McConaughey

(5) Jimmy Kimmel

The pictures that he show tell a very convincing story. Although we would like to believe that celebrities are flawless in every aspect, sometimes what we see in images and on the screen is based on smoke and mirrors.

Andrei Agassi

One celebrity who was quite candid about wearing a "hair system" is Andrei Agassi. Although he has been sporting a shaved head for many years, he confessed in an autobiography that his long haired 90s look was really a wig. Prior to his hair loss, he really did wear his hair long. However, he didn't want the public to know. So he used extensions to preserve his image.

Celebrities Who May Need A Hair Transplant

The celebrities who use hair pieces are probably good candidates for hair restoration. So it is surprising to many that they have not already done so.

Some celebrities don't seem to be too concerned with their hair loss and have made countless public appearances showing thinning and/or baldness. Two in particular are:

(1) Prince William

(2) Jude Law

Both men have been discussed in the media as celebs who could certainly benefit from surgical restoration.

Celebrities Who Look Good Without Hair

Not everyone looks their best with absolutely no hair. But there are some people who do. Celebrity examples include:

(1) Bruce Willis

(2) Michael Jordan

(3) Vin Diesel

(4) Charles Barkley

In fact these individuals are often listed in men's magazines as the celebrity role models who rock the slick bald look.

Hair Transplant and Celebrities

Today's hair restoration procedures have come a long way from the days when 4-6mm plugs were used. Graft sizes are now between 0.8-1.2mm in diameter.

Skilled physicians are able to replicate natural looking details such as: proper angle, orientation and hairline feathering.

Some of the celebrities who have undergone successful hair transplant procedures include:

(1) Elton John

(2) Wayne Rooney

(3) AJ McLean (from Backstreet Boys)

Although most men feel very self conscious about revealing that they have had a hair transplant, AJ proudly showed off his results on Instagram. Reversing his hair loss was something that he really wanted to do. And fans have already seen him with minimal hair. Choosing the route of trying to hide the fact that he had surgery would have been futile.

Plus there is no reason to feel ashamed about having such a procedure. Hair loss affects countless men world wide. This is a really great example of personal candor that has actually garnered respect.

AJ McLean of Backstreet Boys shared the results of his hair restoration procedure on Instagram
AJ McLean of Backstreet Boys shared the results of his hair restoration procedure on Instagram | Source


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