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5 Weight Loss Lessons You Can Learn From Celebrities

Updated on September 19, 2015

Losing pounds in a week is an ambitious task, and knowledge of calories count and calorie burning needs to be clearly understood and laid out. For an Example if you want to lose 10 pounds in week you need to lose or burn round about 3500 calories in a day. Another important point to note with this is that, you need to take into account the food you eat during the day. If for example in a typical day, you eat roughly 2000 calories of food, you need to burn calories accordingly. Meaning that for every 2000 calories that you consume, you need to burn 5500 calories in order to successfully lose a pound. You must therefore ensure that the difference between how many calories you consume and how many calories that you burn is 3500.

To achieve this hard task we have decided to include in this article the experience of different celebrities and their dieting regimen and do and learn what we can to fast track our own dieting regimen. To lose weight in a week is a daunting task which requires serious commitment and discipline since it’s a long road ahead. Thus, who better to learn from than celebrities who have access to the best nutritionists in the world and the best trainers in the world? Sit back and relax, and let these five famous faces be your guide.

Jessica Simpson & Jennifer Hudson

We have witnessed the exorbitant weight fluctuations of Jessica Simpson over the years. When she gained excessive weight during her two pregnancies, she was very publically shamed and was brought to the point where she herself admitted to not be comfortable in her own skin. But recently we have now seen Jessica Simpson regain her early career figure and if reports are anything to go by, she feels much better now in her own skin. On the other hand, we have always seen Hudson stay on the heavier side, but after her pregnancy we saw a remarkable weight loss from her. Both of their secret of course is weight watchers. One of the most important things to take away from her diet is the dedicated support system, consumption of water, and a strict mindset of helpful habits as well as a rigorous exercise regime to burn off calories.

Lessons to learn from Jessica & Jennifer: If you cannot afford nor have access to weight watchers to lose pounds fast, then create a system of support for you. Do not lose weight alone; involve your family and friends. Also, understand your bad eating habits and work towards not only correcting the food but getting rid of them as a lifestyle choice. Exercise and water will always be vital.

Weight Loss Lessons to learn from Ciara

Though Ciara has always stayed in shape, this new mommy also found herself with extra weight after her baby. Reportedly, she worked out multiple times in a day, often spending time on the treadmill and also partaking in boxing with her personal trainer during the day. She worked out twice or thrice in a day and was able to lose pounds quickly and get back to her pre-pregnancy figure.

Dedicated mindset towards exercise is needed, it is important to workout at least twice a day with two kinds of exercise training. You can hit the gym or go for a run outdoors, take some kickboxing classes or do some strenuous cardio. Mix it up so you don’t get bored, and don’t forget do it twice in the day.

Drew Carrey

Drew Carrey is our first male entry in the list. He will always be remembered and celebrated as a funny man. His career spans with various TV shows, stand up comedy appearances and skits. His weight loss was dramatic and driven from his need to get healthy, diabetes to be exact. He has lost close to 80 pounds since reappearing in the public life. We are sure he now must have lost even more to stay slim and fit. According to Mr. Carey, to lose the pounds and slim down, he religiously followed a diet which was high in proteins and ate fruits and vegetables and did rigorous cardio everyday for at least six times in a week.

Lessons to learn from drew: Proteins are very good dietary item to adopt while losing weight. Carbs should be eliminated and snacking and junk foods can be substituted with fruits and vegetables. For exercise, it is important to note that six times in week will aid in the quickest weight loss.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly started her career as a reality star and soon came into the spotlight when she appeared on dancing with the stars. She ended up losing close to fifty pounds with the help of her dance workouts and according to her she fought her emotional eating issues and now feels wonderfully comfortable in her skin.

Lessons to learn from Kelly: It is important to learn from Kelly the emotional side of eating food excessively; to lose weight quickly one needs to address this concern as well. They should recognize the issue of emotional eating and work towards fixing it so that they can reduce and maintain weight in the long run. Secondly, if you find traditional workouts boring than you can incorporate dance workouts into your routine. This combine’s traditional cardio based exercises with dance routines; Kelly is the living example of this.

John Goodman

John Goodman is one of the most celebrated actors of our time, and in this article he will also serve as one of the most remarkable celebrity weight loss stories with amazing lessons for everyone to learn. John has starred in multiple movies in his career but his weight was increasing alarmingly and creating health issues for him. He lost close to 100 pounds after quitting drinking, cutting sugar out and exercising.

One of the most important lessons to learn from john is the need to cut alcohol from the diet when choosing to lose weight. Secondly, another good food tip is to cut out sugary foods from the diet completely.


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