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Celebrity Workouts: Jason Statham, Chris Evans, and Mark Wahlberg Workouts

Updated on January 9, 2013

Jason Statham

Statham is renowned for his body, and possibly his best all-time physique was show-cased in the film Death Race. His workout routine for attaining this was quite varied but still consisted of several core elements and movements. His warm-ups varied quite a bit, but usually lasted about 10 minutes. His workouts consisted of several major movements with variation between amount of weight and number of reps. So far I've mentioned the word “vary” 3 times. This should indicate how much Statham switched his exercise up. Nothing is repeated over and over again; everything follows a structure, but the actual exercises and repetitions and weight is changed regularly. This is a fundamental element of an effective routine. Below is a sample of Statham’s workouts to get ripped for Death Race:


Bodyweight Squat Hold

Dumbbell hold (grab heavy dumbbells and just hold them at your sides)

Barbell Front Squat

Box Hops

Hanging Leg Raises

Sand Bag (carry something very heavy up and down the length of the gym)

Power Cleans

Statham would perform these and similar exercises one right after the other (from dead lifts to power cleans) with little break between, then break for a short time before repeating them again. He usually performed 3 rounds such as this. I cannot stress how important it is to vary the amount of weight, number of repetitions, and even the type of exercise from week to week. For instance, he might exchange barbell front squats for the traditional squat and later on change the “sand bag” for weight dumbbell lunges. If you noticed, no strictly upper body exercises were included in this routine. This was not his only routine, but his primary one. Remember, training the larger muscle groups in your legs will stimulate hormone secretion (primarily testosterone) that assists you in building muscle all over your body. However, he often doubled up his routines with the following round that hits upper body muscle groups too:

§ Body weight squats

§ Pushups

§ Box Hops

§ Jump rope

§ Tricep Dips

§ Mountain Climbers

The difficulty of performing this many high-intensity exercises in one workout is tremendous. Remember, Statham not only performed these workouts, but also coordinated them so that he could workout 6 days a week and not overtrain or hit the same muscle groups on consecutive days. I highly doubt that he performed resistance training daily; it would be impossible to not over train using the above exercises with daily training.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans is known for his roles in Captain America and the The Fantastic Four. He followed a day-to-day training plan, so we’ll talk in terms of Monday, Tuesday, etc. He underwent quite a training regimen in preparation for his role as Captain America, and that is what we’ll observe today. Evans’ routine was not designed to get him super-lean as much as it was to touch up his already muscular physique. From my research, it appears that leg day was especially tough, and was designed that way help illicit increases in testosterone and a growth hormone.

Monday- back and arms including Deadlifts, shrugs, bicep curls, and pull-ups. Usually 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Tuesday- Cardio and abs: rotating core exercises such as oblique leg raises, oblique crunches and hybrid exercises like the woodchopper.

Wednesday- circuit training with heavy leg exercises like lunges, squats, and leg press. Number of repetitions was usually low, due to heavy resistance.

Thursday- cardio and abs again, same as Tuesday

Friday- Chest, arms and shoulders including close-grip incline presses, incline flies, incline pushups, shoulder press, weighted dips and weighted pushups. Evans usually followed a 3 sets, 10-12 repetition structure for each exercise

Saturday and Sunday- rest

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg has always had an epic body, and he didn’t disappoint anyone in The Fighter. He’s not only got some tight-packed muscle, but he actually shows off a surprisingly lean frame, even for Mark. During his preparation for the film, Wahlberg did take part in some boxing circuits to help with technique, but he also engaged in weight training to fine-tune his physique. Below is the basic structure for his workout:

1. Superset- Leg extension 5 sets of 20, 15, 12, 10, and 8 repetitions

Leg Curl 5 sets of 20,15,12,10,8 reps

2. Superset- Squat 5 sets of 20,15,12, 10,8 reps

Leg Press- 5 sets of 20,15,12,10

3. Superset- Chin ups 5 sets of 20,15,12,10, 8 reps

Barbell Rows 5 sets of 20,15,12,10, 8 reps

4. Superset: Biceps Curl 5 sets of 20,15,12,10,8 reps

Crunches 5 sets of 20,15,12,10,8 reps

5. Superset- Dumbbell Curl 5 sets of 20,15,12,10,8 reps

Hanging Leg Raise 5 sets of 20,15,12,10, 8 reps

Notice how the workout is a full-body focused routine. Push, pull, twist and squat with (leg press) covers a large range of muscle groups. This wide array of movements and muscle groups, along with the boxing circuits helped keep Mark lean and prevented him from “just bulking up”, which would’ve been a vital mistake seeing as how his character was a lean boxer.


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