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Celery Makes Me Mad?

Updated on December 15, 2019

Mad as hell hornet!

Not sure why but celery makes me mad as a hornet.

Don't know why my brain has decided to go here but there is one thing that I always tell new people in my life. Celery makes me mad. The mere thought of it makes me want to choke someone. How did I get to this place with a vegetable? Why does it make me want to do violent things? Could I have been beaten with a stalk of celery in another lifetime?

All these questions are regarding a vegetable. What is wrong with my brain? Granted I am not my usual self these days but I have felt like this since I can remember. The one common memory regarding celery comes from childhood. My mother would make tuna fish sandwiches and if she made them with celery I would refuse to eat them. My father would threaten to beat me and I would rather take the beating than eat the dreaded celery.

I would go to my best friend Margaret's house and her lovely mom made me tuna fish sandwiches without a hint of celery. I was always so glad to eat at her house at any time. They had 6 kids and all had such diverse eating habits that I could fit in and no one would even know I was there.

I keep wondering where this hate of a food could come from. I have come up with a few theories.

1. Maybe my genetic makeup does not allow me to like celery. I am of Danish heritage. My Grandmother Helga and my Grandfather Valdemar came over threw Ellis Island and maybe they had no celery back in the old country. This would also account for my love of beets and Danish cookies. Hey it's MY theory.

2. Maybe in another lifetime that was all I had to eat. Maybe they made everything out of celery until I was so sick of eating it that I swore I would never eat it again. I have had a few bad experiences with a couple of foods but none that I just have hated since birth. Now there are a few spices that I can't stand. I forget which ones but when I smell them they make me mad. Oh and licorice makes me mad too. There is a weed on my farm that smells like licorice and when I step on it and get that whiff I get mad.

3. Could I have been beaten at some time with celery. My dad hit me with all kinds of interesting things like fly swatters, belts, horse whips, boots, and many other things. Maybe I blocked out the fact that he hit me with a vegetable. I swear I would remember that one as to it would not have retained it's shape and would have fallen apart before he would have dispersed his anger on me. Just a thought.

4. Maybe I choked on celery as a tiny child and the memory stayed with me of the smell, taste, texture etc.... cause all of those things bother me? The whole stringy thing bugs the crap out of me. I like things that crunch like apples or Danish cookies so that's not it. But the smell ugh. If someone wanted to torture me for international secrets and they knew this weakness I'd be a goner. Good thing I don't have international secrets, or do I?

Well that is about all that I could come up with as far as theories. I just feel bad about being so angry about a vegetable. I grow a garden, I talk to my plants. I even thank them for producing for me and giving me such a fun and edible gift. But if a stray celery plant showed up in my garden all Hell would break loose.

Now I know chemically I am not myself. (See my hub regarding "Effexor" to see what I mean by this). So I could attribute my anger to that but that would be a lame excuse since I have always been mad at celery. I also am overly emotional right now and will cry at the drop of a hat but I don't hate at the drop of a hat. It's not normally a feeling I have very often.

I don't hate anyone that I can think of. Even my father who abused me, contractors who stole from me, boyfriend who borrowed money and left the state or an ex husband who cheated on me, who I then divorced after enough freaking life lessons. I am a slow learner at some things. Anyway most of my angry thoughts are about injustices or when children or animals are neglected. But this food issue is definitely on my mind.

The fact that I would actually take the time to hub about and mention my major dislike of this food makes me think. "What the hell is wrong with me"? You'd think I have nothing better to do than to write about celery, wrong! It just happens to be caught in my brain today and it feels a bit obsessive but I can't let it go until I do something, hence my hub.

My thought now is "does anyone else have a feeling like this towards a food or smell"? I mean I can't be the only one. There must be someone out there that hates say broccoli, or parsnips or any other of the vegetable familes. I must say that I also seriously hate most pickles. I think its the process since I hate vinegar. I like cucumbers very much but do not like vinegars so pickling of any sort of food is out.

Does being born in certain cultures predispose you to dislike certain foods?

So I return back to one of my theories in that being Danish and having centuries of ancestors eating certain foods does that effect me? I could not even use black pepper for the longest time. I cannot hardly eat hot, spicy foods. I try and have gotten better but they just don't appeal or agree with me.

I grew up with a Grandmother who creamed every food she could think of. I loved her creamed spinach and creamed turkey on toast. Everything had a sauce and it all was mild and seemed to suit my body and what I could and could not stomach.

Who knows the answers to such questions like these. I know I certainly don't but it doesn't keep me quiet or keep me from asking the questions. I just love the fact that I can ask the questions, I can think such strange thoughts and that I am not alone in this, am I? I don't think so, but then again?


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