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Cell Memory

Updated on August 16, 2009

As of today 17th August 2009 I have removed

109 skin cancers

From different parts of my head and body, in the past 3 years

since my first skin cancer, an Infiltrating Basal Cell Carcinoma

was diagnosed when the skin specialist performed a biopsy on my nose.

Reflecting on these skin cancers I wondered why when we normally

get sun burned all over why do we just seem to get skin cancers

appearing in selected parts of our anatomy?

This poses an interesting thought that was mentioned to me a few months

ago that has had me thinking ever since.

What was mentioned to me was “CELL MEMORY”.

I have to admit that before I started to research this concept I had

absolutely no idea what cell memory was or if it even existed.

Thank heaven for Google, I typed in Cell memory and D.N.A

And then went through the tedious and enlightening process of discovering

what CELL MEMORY is.

Roughly translated cell memory is the ability of the cell to for want of a better

word remember things that happened to its surroundings.

For example when the helper T cells finally remove an intruder such as

a virus from our system it keeps a memory of the make up of that intruder

and next time it should occur again they destroy it straight away.

Some transplant patients also report that after receiving a transplant they start to manifest

some of the characteristics of the donor.

My curiosity is why do from my observation of my self and others why when we get

sun burned all over why do the skin cancers mainly manifest themselves

in certain localised areas.

Why is it for example that when a skin cancer is removed either surgically,

or laser, or frozen, or by specific ointments and then the area is examined

under the microscope and pronounced clear why is it that 6 months 12 months or a

few years later another skin cancer appears near that same area?

I have just started to remove 2 new skin cancers off my back and if you look

closely there are the scars of others removed approximately 18 months before.

My question is why in this same area why not on my stomach or my foot since

when I was 17 years old I got badly burned and now at 60 years of age

I am getting the results of that action, why is it that the skin cancers seem

to come out in these specific areas? Cell memory seems to have some merit or

until we find out differently.

Now the big Questions that arise from this is this:

If cell memory is the reason these skin cancers appear in approximately the same area how

can we change the memory and instil a new one?

How can we reverse the process where by we continue to get these skin cancers?

I have just started reading a new book and the author says that the skin cancers

are the body encapsulating the acids in the body and sealing to protect

the body and that the best way to protect the body is to alkalise it and bring the pH level to 6.8 –7.2
Maybe by controlling this we might be able to change the cell memory.

Any way I am still researching and looking for more results of published

research as I find the information and how it applies to me I will condense

it into user friendly easy to understand language

Till then



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