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Cervical mucus

Updated on May 19, 2013

Learn about fertility monitoring

The cervical mucus observation is very precious for fertility self-monitoring and for the understanding of how menstrual cycle works. It is a natural and simple way of the body to tell you when you are ovulating, when it is a good time to try to conceive, or not. You may start observe the quantity and quality of your cervix fluid during your cycle and note any changes.

A few facts about cervical mucus

Cervical mucus or cervical fluid is a cervical secretion which plays an important role in conception, as it is produced by the estrogen hormone in the first phase of the female menstrual cycle with the purpose to help the sperm survive in the acid environment of the vagina, and reach the fallopian tube.

The volume and texture of the cervical mucus of a woman suffers many changes during her menstrual cycle.

Observing cervical fluid changes, you can estimate when you're ovulating, as it is a short period of peak fertility, when the chances of conceiving are at higher.

In fact, by monitoring cervical fluids daily a woman can you tell if she has a "fertile" or "infertile" cervical mucus

Cervical mucus has several roles. Almost throughout the cycle of a woman, the cervical mucus is hostile to sperm and has a protective role.

The quantity is low and the quality of cervical fluid is acidic and does not favor fertility. However, the ovulation cycle has several phases in which both volume and quality of cervical mucus changes to promote fertility.

At mid-cycle of a woman's most fertile period, the purpose of cervical mucus is to support the existence of semen, to nourish and provide a safe environment that allows sperm to pass through the cervix, womb and the fallopian tube (where fertilization will take place).

So, in the days before ovulation, women feel more than ever this cervical mucus, as well as a very obvious change in its quality: being a natural sign of fertility, it becomes elastic and slippery as the cervical fluid has to provide a "vehicle" safe for the "carriage" of sperm.

Cervical mucus and fertility monitoring: You can examine the cervical fluid with clean and dry fingers or toilet paper. Just place your finger inside the vagina as deep as you can and take it out. Note the consistence, color and quantity of your cervical mucus.

This examination should be part of daily monitoring of fertility. Before and after ovulation, or infertile periods during the menstrual cycle, women will experience a drying (or absence of cervical fluid).

In the first period of the menstrual cycle when the body is preparing for ovulation, cervical mucus will begin to accumulate, although consistency will be "sticky" and have an opaque color, yellow or cloudy and just before ovulation, cervical mucus will appear in abundance and will be slippery and dilated as raw egg whites. So, cervical fluid appearance will mark the woman's fertile days. Ovulation will occur around this period.

Brown cervical mucus

The cervical mucus can turn brown for a number of reasons. Its brown color is due to the content of oxidized blood in it.The brown mucus may show just before ovulation, when there are some hormonal changes in the body, or it may occur when the non-fertilized egg is separated from the folicle.

Another reason for a brown cervical mucus may be sex, as during intercourse the cervix may become irritated and cause a light bleeding.

It can also be a sign of infection, if there is a brown discharge and it should be tested. Usually when there is an infection present the smell changes, the spot becomes swore or itchy.

Brown cervical mucus shows, in the most cases, in the first phase of pregnancy, when the egg implantation in the uterus happens.

It can also be a sign of miscarriage, but that would mean, it will be followed by red bleeding and blood clots.


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      7 years ago from India

      nice info


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