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Chain Reaction

Updated on January 14, 2009

Linked together like a cyclone fence, our very lives and the chain of events that shape our lives, become interwoven to make up who we are or destined to become. We are forged by the paths we walk, the people we connect too, the places we touch upon, and the things we find along the way.

Experience we find walking along the winding road that is life, and we gain a lot from these experiences. To experience life on terms and values that maybe we can't always control, but we find solutions. We gain knowledge on how to handle the same situation if it ever arise again, or if a simular situation sould occur. By learning from events we grow in strength. Experiences become our strengths.

Strength can be more than just from learning how to handle a challenging moment. Strength can be a natural ability, or talent. Strength maybe a skill, or a "knack." Sometimes we don't realize what or how much strength we truly have, until we have no other choice but to be strong. The resiliency, and resolve that we really carry inside of ourselves is surpisingly amazing. Even if you view yourself as fragile, you will be amazed by what can be endured. Strength is the cornerstone of building hope.

Hope is what drives a person to become who they are or are destined to be. Hope is valuable. For hope is the strongest link in our "chain-linked fence" at is our lives. Without hope there is no desire, no dreams, and no reason to keep move forward. Without hope there is no will. Hope is our armor and sword. Hope molds and shapes our willingness to take a chance, or make changes in our life paths. Hope is the open door to reason and the want to not to give up. Hope is "the light at the end of the tunnel." Without hope there is no faith, no love, and no growth. Hope give us the strength for new experiences. Which links us back to the beginning of this particular bit of writing. Strange how that happened, but everything is linked together.

The links I am talking about are the interconnctedness of all life. Every action has an effect in life. Everything has a consequence no matter how trivial. All events are linked together by something.

Before we can understand the whole of our actions, we must see the parts of how we relate to one another. Links are total vision, not tunnel vision. To arrive at a desired result we must unstand our process, and pattern. The more points of reference, the clearer your focus will be. The simpler your focus is, the simpler the "answer" will be that you seek.

Links are connections, or "relationships." Understanding the links between events or people gives you insight to how you effect (positively or negatively) all that is around you.

Links can also be about breaking the chains that bind or hold you down. Are some of your events or people that surround you enhancing or hindering your life? Are you being pinned down by those who surround you to only a single idea or point of view? While this may make you feel protected from the unknown, this singleness may cause you to live in ignorance, guilt, or fear. You can break the chain of prejudice, revenge, anger, and hate. You can replace all that with understanding and caring.

Maybe by being aware of your connections, you can see the repeated patterns currently at play in your life and you can be on the look-out something you should be noticing, but you haven't? Be alert of unusual influences, and your everyday enviroment.

Cloud Cult - "Chain Reaction"


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  • anjalichugh profile image

    anjalichugh 9 years ago from New York

    I agree that we don't know what we are capable of until we are confronted with a demanding situation. There is so much which lies inside us, unexplored and unused. I loved reading this hub especially for the way you explained the chain reaction and the repetitive patterns in our lives. Thx

  • funride profile image

    Ricardo Nunes 9 years ago from Portugal

    I must thank you for showing me the Cloud Cult, I loved their sound!

    BTW, I have joined your fan club so I guess we are linked now :)

  • foxility profile image

    foxility 9 years ago

    I love the "links" part. "Links can also be about breaking the chains that bind or hold you down."

    Love it!

  • Julie-Ann Amos profile image

    Julie-Ann Amos 9 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

    Love it! Thanks for becoming my fan as otherwise i wouldn't have noticed you and become yours!

  • Lgali profile image

    Lgali 9 years ago

    another good hub

  • goldentoad profile image

    goldentoad 9 years ago from Free and running....

    Once again, another great one.