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How Can You Benefit From Chakras Balancing & Cleansing

Updated on December 1, 2011

Is your life in Chaos? Do you have multiple problems, and don’t know which one to deal with first? Maybe you should get your chakras cleansed and balanced? Chakras balancing is a way to cleanse your chakras of negative energies and patterns, and put you back at peace. When properly performed, it’s a great addition to classic psychological psychotherapy. Read the whole article, and learn why chakras balancing can benefit you.

A Holistic Practice

Chakras are believed to be energy centers located within our invisible etheric body. Physical body, mental mind and etheric body are said to be connected. By cleansing problems of your mind, you cleanse the energies, and vice versa - by cleansing energies, you deal with mind problems, such as worries or concerns. According to Chinese medicine, every problem that is located in your mind and etheric body, can result in physical illness. Thus, chakras cleansing and balancing is a way to deal with physical problems, as well.

It’s a holistic practice, which means, that it shouldn’t be used as stand-alone treatment. A lot of people think that they can visit a psychic and/or holistic practitioner and that it’s everything that they need to do. But, most of holistic practices, and especially the practices that relate to working with energies and psychic stuff, have to be used along with classical methods like Western medicine or psychotherapy. Otherwise, you might not get rid of your problems. Keep this in mind.

Chakras balancing and cleansing can be performed in many ways.

  • Chakras can be put back in balance by observing specific colors, associated with specific chakra. For example, the root chakra’s color is red. Observing this color can energize the root chakra.
  • Listening to specific types of music can put you back in peace, as well.
  • Some people like aromatherapy or crystals therapy to cleanse and balance chakras.

But in reality, the best way to balance and cleanse your chakras is to seek a professional. Because such professional is using spiritual energies to cleanse and balance chakras.

Psychic Development Simplified
Psychic Development Simplified

You can learn more about Chakras and cleansing them on your own through spiritual practices from Psychic Development Simplified.


Why Choosing A Professional Is The Best Way To Cleanse And Balance Chakras

A good professional that should perform chakras balancing and cleansing is a psychic, who’s capable of perceiving the state of your chakras by using clairvoyance, or other psychic ability. He can tell which chakra needs energies, and which chakra can be left alone. In my own practice, I can perceive chakras clairvoyantly, which means I can see chakras. And I can see which of them are energized, and which need more energies.

When you’re using a professional service, you don’t have to worry about colors, sounds and music, and how much time should you devote for your self-balancing. A professional can do this for you - he can see things like just you can see this article. And he can tell if the chakra needs five minutes of work, or fifty minutes.

More professional methods of cleansing and balancing chakras include Reiki sessions, psychic healing, pendulum therapy, pranic healing and such. To be honest, I don’t know all the methods, so you can stumble upon a great technique which I didn’t mention.

It’s Always Temporary

It is important to remember that chakras balancing and cleansing is a temporary therapy. Don’t be fooled by people who can tell you that they can balance and cleanse your chakras once and for all. Chakras balancing and cleansing is always temporary. It can last from few days, to few months. But if you want a “once and for all” cleansing and balancing, then you need to devote at least some of your time for spiritual development. Only self-growth and dealing with your own patterns, negative emotions and energies, can result in permanent balance.

But, when you’re having a hard time; or you’re stressed; or you’re suffering from illness; or you have too many problems on your head and you need to calm down for a while; then chakras balancing and cleansing is a great way to help yourself.

Whether you’re a psychic, or spiritual explorer, or a Joe Doe who just needs to relax, then chakras cleansing and balancing is something you should think about. Often, it’s a 30 minutes of sitting down, relaxing, and that’s all. And what’s great, you can find professionals that offer distant balancing and cleansing. Whether you will choose someone who you can see and touch, or someone who can do things on distant (after all, it’s psychic/holistic stuff), it’s up to you. But it’s definitely worth it!

Have you ever had your chakras balanced and cleansed? How did you feel after the session?


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