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Chakras Healing: Do you need Alignment?

Updated on December 14, 2015

When your car wheels get misaligned you go to the repair shop to get a computerized alignment. In the same way, we have our energies that we run on in our day to day lives and when there is a problem with the energy, we have to fix it so we can continue on our journey in life in a healthy manner.

The Chakras are said to be aroused when you go for therapy and this is what all therapists like to do to your internal energies… awaken them! After the therapy, the chakras will open and flow smoothly. Levels of human and soul consciousness can be measured by the therapist in terms of growth.

The healing procedures can be termed as ‘life energy charging services’ that shield and protect you against likely weaknesses emanating from within your energy system. Holistic healing is powerful and can even protect you from damaging earth elements such as electromagnetic pollution. After you are healed your home will seem like an oasis, a place where you relax and enjoy good health every day!

Most of us are forced to spend a major part of our lives in closed rooms in either houses or apartments or school or the workplace. Moreover, most of us spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Therefore, we need to pay attention to our indoor air quality and health. We need to keep away from pollutants and earth radiation. At home, we collect our strength together and recover from stress caused by the daily grind. The undisturbed peaceful sleep lets us refuel our energies. In other words, we recharge our batteries by making our homes a place to relax and enjoy our good health.

The colors and design combination of selected materials can create a harmony and energy that is beneficial for our internal energies. Even geometric designs, symbols, and structures can convert any existing negative energy to a positive one. The arrangement of color combinations can add to the vitality and energy of our inner self. Each design and color has its own energy that can be used for holistic treatment.

When you look out the window you see a lot of nature. The sky, the clouds, the trees and the flowers all have their own system and their own energies. Connecting to their energy fields can create a better quality of life for us. Our daily lives are very demanding and we keep looking for ways of improving our system so we can endure more and work harder. We want to move up in life faster. Everyone seems like competing, but some of us stop and think…No! I will not be able to, so let me not start at all. This failing in our system prevents us from moving ahead in life. This situation can be easily handled by a Chakras healer.

To manage our internal energies, we need to focus on preserving the energy we take in from nature. We can have additional positive life energy when we keep well connected to our environment. The natural defense system, the immune system all can improve if we follow good habits and keep a check on how our energies are flowing throughout our systems. Due to heavy workloads, lack of sleep and tragedies in life our chakras can get blocked. A healer provides the right treatment without chemical compounds to treat any mental condition or disease caused by misaligned chakras.

The earth rays and electromagnetic pollution remain the major cause of weakness in our immune system. Our biological defense system can be disrupted and we can become prone to disease. In the more industrialized nations, these are a cause of heart attacks, Parkinson's disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and so forth. Chakra healing has the power to fix problems linked with our immune system.

Chakras transform energies

All cosmic-creative energies gush through the universe and the environment. The chakras transform them into life energy. Through our chakras, the soul communicates with other energies of earth and the universe. Energies are transformed in a rotational way and are also compressed. Our human souls regulate the supply of energy to the body through seven chakras. When the soul interacts with the body it does so at two levels of consciousness, person-consciousness and ego-consciousness. When you make a plan to do something and go somewhere to do it and return back because your ego did not allow you to, you may have a problem with internal energies. They may be faced with misalignment and need to be aligned by a Chakras healer. The healer will remove the blocks and your internal energies will flow without any hindrance.

We often leave ourselves in an imprint we make. This could be a judgment, our principles we stand by or our votes. Imprints are reflective of us and how we are connected to our environment. We can improve our imprint by maintaining a good balance within our energy system.

Chakras manage energy transmitted to organs

The two opposing energy bands of Ida and Pingala begin at the Root Chakra and are located parallel to the spinal cord. The collected and transformed energy is distributed through the spinal cord. The spinal cord strand and the vertebrae distribute the heat generated by chakras energy to corresponding organs.

The chakras are energy vortexes that transform energy. The body’s energy centers can regulate vital organism through harmony.

There are seven chakras in our system:

  1. Root or Base Chakra
  2. Spleen Chakra
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra
  4. Heart Chakra
  5. Throat Chakra
  6. Brow Chakra
  7. Crown Chakra

The blockage of any chakra can have a drastic effect on our quality of life. When you are faced with a problem it is best to find a holistic healer to recover. Here we discuss the blockage of the brow chakra to give readers a brief idea about its effects.

The blockage of the brow chakra and its effects

If the brow chakra gets blocked, the corresponding functions with other chakras may get disturbed. When the balance in brow chakra is out, it can outweigh the ego-consciousness, in the form of ceaseless streams of thought. This has a destructive effect on life and its realization. The state of mind turns against morality and the conscience. One can begin to lose faith and reject their religion. The meaning of life seems unclear and bad moods can settle for long thus leading to depression.

One with blocked brow chakra is like a child slipping in extrasensory areas, full of superstition, mental confusion, uncertain fears, and delusions. People can begin to live in a separate world of their own. They have no sense of direction and need chakra healing to recover from the loss of mental energies. One can suffer from a number of conditions such as a headache, migraine, brain diseases, depressions, conjunctivitis, sinusitis, nervous system disorder, neurological disorders and schizophrenia. In younger people the blockage causes learning disability.

To align the brow chakra, you will need to visit a well-experienced chakra healer. After the treatment, the brow chakra will be aligned with the rest of the chakras in the system and the energy will flow freely from one chakra to another in a harmonious manner.


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    • lamika profile image

      Malika Zuberi 

      2 years ago

      Great hub! Very informative.. love it! My friend works with Chakras in Denver and the science really works well.


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