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Challenges in Life

Updated on May 23, 2014

When we are born into this world, there isn't too much that we have to worry about as a baby or even as children because we have our parents who are there for us most of the time. We don't have any worries until we graduate from high school and start our life in the real world where our parents are not always there for us. However, there are times when even as a young child we do face challenges that will make us think and make decisions, but those challenges are not as big as what we face in our adult life.

Everyday we wake up, there are always going to be situations that will either make us stronger or even weaker or will move us further into what we want in life. There are so many situations that come up in our life whether it is at work, school or sometimes even at home. Sometimes those challenges will come up when we least expect it too or at times when we don't want them too.

Every person whether rich or poor have some type of challenges in their life that they approach. Our status in society will not make challenges go away easily. There are different types of challenges for every person. We never know what we each face on a daily basis because we don't always tell each other what is happening and not everyone has to know. We each face our individual battles and somehow some of us are able to find a solution to it or sometimes we don't.

I don't know about what others would think, but an easy life will not make person stronger because they don't have to face situations that others have to face. For me, the challenges that I have to face on a daily basis is what makes me stronger because I know that I have to find ways to do something about it. Sometimes when we face challenges, we don't find the solution quickly but the way we find ways to solve it is what can help make us stronger.

Whether we are young or older, we all face challenges. Think about it, even as babies, when they first learn how to walk, they try to walk and with determination they accomplish their goal, that is a type of challenge for them. Sometimes when we face our challenges a step at time then we may successful and we grow stronger. But if someone decides to let their challenges take the better of them, then they are not allowing themselves to become a better person and grow.


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