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Change Your Brain Change Your Life - See How A Dying Man Was Healed Instantly

Updated on November 18, 2013

A Story About A Dying Man Healed Instantly

I heard a story that I wanted to share with you, It is about a man that was having dizzy spells and had begun to dye slowly. He had gone to so many doctors just for them to tell him that they could not find the cause.

He became concerned and went into a depression which caused his health to start failing. In his follow up appointments including cat scans and ultrasounds, the doctors still could not find a cause for his disorder and told him the depression and stress was worsening and gave him more medications to treat his new symptoms.

He decided not to be a burden to his family and prepaid his plot and and burial expenses for when the time came. He even went to buy the clothe he was going to be buried in. While in the store he had a little trouble.

He told the clerk he wanted a size 15-1/2 neck shirt and the clerk tried to gently talk him out of it. He told the clerk he had been wearing that size for most of his adult life. The clerk strongly advised other wise and was very clear when he said." If you continue to wear that size shirt, you will end up having dizzy spells.

The man was shocked and relieved. His mindset changed instantly. His depression left and he lived happily ever after. In his mind and heart he was dying and his body started the process. When his brain understood the cause of the dizzy spells, his body and brain automatically responded favorably in return. My point is that we can put ourselves in a positive state at will.

You are in control once you get rid of the one thing holding you back...Negative Thought.

Example: Smile when you talk and you will be happier. Frown and you will not. It is always your decision.

Power of Positive Thought

Positive Thoughts For Abundance Thinking Mindset

Do you want to live a life of abundance? Most of us do, but don't know how to change our mindset to believe we can achieve what we desire. With ingrained negative thought we inadvertently confirm the opposite of what we want to attract.

We are actually our own worse cheerleader much of the time. We are attracting the bad things into our lives by not believing we can have abundance and achieve greatness.

we all have some sort of negative mental blocks that are hard to break; you may be using bad experiences as a reminder to move forward and are unaware that you are attracting more of the same.

If we want to change our lives, we have to first let go of negativity. Some people use it as fuel and never really enjoy the life they have built for themselves. That is not good. You are not truly living a life of abundance if you take your negativity with you. Abundance includes so much more than money and possessions. It includes:

  • joy
  • laughter
  • love
  • trust
  • friendship

Just imagine graduating with a MBA, and making the money you have always dreamed, while telling yourself the whole time that you will be different from your father; who was an absentee parent, just to grow apart from your family as your father did later on in life. You now have money and an estranged family. You would have gotten what you did not want by giving the thought of not wanting to be like your father energy. You attracted everything you gave power to from your thoughts. I'm sure it went something like this:

  • I will never be like my father or mother.
  • I will never let my loved ones be without me.
  • I will never work those late hours like my parents.

Can you see how you were putting more negativity in your life and attracting more of the same? You must first forgive the past to move forward to attracting a more abundant and happy life.

3 Ways To Change Your Brain Change Your Life With Positive Thought

1. Stop thinking negative thoughts, you will only attract them. It is more relevant than you think. The world's law can't distinguish if you want money or you want to become broke if the only thing on your mind is." I don't want these bills", "I don't want to be poor anymore." or "I don't want to do without”. If you are giving power and energy to negative things you will attract:

  • more bills
  • poor mentality
  • doing without

2. Claim you desires. Make a notebook or journal of what you want for yourself and family. You have to be able to put down your desires to form a reality in your mind. How do you see yourself dressed? What do you see yourself driving? Where do you see yourself living? Get pictures and paste them in your journal.


  • 4 bedroom ranch house.
  • On vacation several times a year.
  • Abundance all around you.
  • New fully loaded car of your choice.

3. Stop giving time to negativity and negative people even if they are related to you. Change your mind and change your future. They will soon get the hint that you aren't playing self pity games any more.

  • Find the good things you admire in your friends and family and talk about that.
  • Make new positive friends that want more for their life and are doing what they have to do to get it.
  • Don't even think "Here comes my negative friend" because you will attract negativity. Think "Here is my good friend that loves to draw and paint wonderful portraits. Your thoughts are powerful and only you can control them.

Be what you want. Decide what you want to become, and be it. You have always had the power to change your life with positive thought. After all, we are created by a higher being. If you want to become a writer, say "I am a writer" and you are. Take courses, read books and write.

This goes for whatever you want in life. Go after what you want and don't stop. Start with yourself. If you want to become positive, than, be positive. If you believe it, then it is true. No one controls your life. You do. I guarantee it.


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 4 years ago

      Thank you so much! I am a Georgian for 2 months now! Loving it.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thank you for these great positive thoughts. We are more in control of our lives than we think. You summarized beautifully.