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Change of plans, we'll figure out the rest later.

Updated on April 29, 2012

One of those days...

Some days just have a nasty tendency of getting in your way. No matter how well planned, or how easy something should be, the cosmos just doesn't want you to succeed. As soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning you know its just going to be "one of those days". Unfortunately when that phrase enters your head its over and the world knows you are its personal hackie sack. It is now a competition to see what will break first. The forces that be, or your sanity.

As someone who is not a big fan of being in a crap mood all day, I have tried everything to avoid these kinds of days. I've even gotten all spiffy and named them. There's the "fast as you can" approach, which usually lands you making more work for yourself because you have screwed up every thing you touched. The "I'm over it" however, clearly, you are not. The ever mature "I'm not listing" stand point. But since luck doesn't like to be ignored you are now asking for an assault of treacherous happenings. And of course my personal favorite "the hermit" self explanatory right down to either locking your self in a small room or deciding today is over and going back to bed. (side note this only works if you have nothing lined up for that day and is not recommended when having an obligation like work or school)The end results are usually crawling into bed exhausted from trying and being defeated. Universe 10 me 0. If only there was a way to even the score!

Right foot forward

Seeing how my bed is pushed up against 2 walls I have no choice but to literally start my day on the right foot. Stepping on a tack with said foot before your eyes are actually open is a pretty good indication that it is going to be "one of those days". Frowny face and all I found the little prick that stuck me and pushed it into the wall where it could do no further harm. Now it was time for a decision. With nothing of particular importance to do I could easily crawl back into bed and spend the day as a hermit, or I could go out and make the best of it. No, not make the best of it, but be the best at it. This was the day I was going to take on the world.

Deciding on my best course of action I figured I'd start on the left. I laid back in bed but naturally upside down so that when my alarm went off (beep beep beep) I could swing out of bed opposite of the usual. Nothing bit my foot and I safely made it to a vertical position. Take that! Tied 1-1. With no resistance I made it to the bathroom, turned on the shower, and started my radio to pump me up for a good day. Now when I say the water was cold I mean it was to the point where I apologized to the day for boasting about getting a point. It was right. No need in being cocky just yet I had only been conscious for 5 minuets and still had hours ahead of me. 2-1 but it was on.

The water eventually became a temperature fit for humans and the radio decided it was going to play particularly good music. I Know plenty of people who will deny that they sing in their shower. I am not one of them. Wielding my microphone shampoo bottle I was feeling a little better. I almost forgot that my weapon of choice to fend off the glooms could be used against me. Until I dropped it. As my chances to be on American idol bloopers flashed before my eyes a smart little reflex from my brain made me move my foot just in time. The bottle slammed into the bottom of my shower in the exact spot where my foot had just been. I glared at the radio. Of course it was a trap. Its a cheep shot but this is war I'll take the point. 2-2 My foot remains un-squished

I got dressed and decided against make up. There are too many things that can go wrong with stick like objects going near the eye. With my hand on the door ready to head out I paused. There was still a chance to hide and wait for tomorrow to rescue me. Nope. I can't take my own advice so out I went to brave the day ahead of me. Rounding the corner I watched as the bus I needed to be on drive away. 3-2. No biggie, no agenda, wait for the next one. I let the sun hit my legs and put my head phones in. Not exactly the beach but it would do. When the next bus arrived I fished my wallet out of my bag only to find an empty spot where my bus pass usually was. 4-2 I had taken it out yesterday to switch accessories and never actually completed the task. However I had also taken out cash which I never do so I smiled and payed the fare. 4-3

An adventure indeed.

At the next stop I was pleasantly surprised to see an old friend climb up the stairs. (4-4 it's always good to run into a friendly face) And wouldn't you know he also had nothing to do and was looking for an adventure. 4-5 I was one up on the dreaded day! I related the kind of day I was having, and my plan to beat it. "Sounds like you need a coffee" he said and we decided to join forces. We jumped off the bus at the mall and headed straight for the coffee shop. In the name of a series of unfortunate events he offered to buy my good mood maker. 4-6 still in my favor. No sooner was it in my hands the guy in line just ahead of us swung back quickly. I don't know if he forgot his change, or a straw, or what, but if you have been reading this far you know what happened next. My ice cold caffeinated goodness went straight down the front of me. 5-6 and a sad face.

While my buddy was rolling on the floor with laughter the man apologized profusely. He bought me another coffee and continued to say sorry. "Meh, it's really no big deal I hear its all the rage in Japan now a days" He blinked a few times blankly like he had been thrown off track giggled slightly and with red cheeks he was gone. Turning my attention back to the hyena on the floor I started laughing as well. "Told you so" which mind you is my favorite expression ever. He hadn't even been with me for 20 minuets and decided that I was cursed. Not feeling like spending my day covered in stickyness we beat feet to the nearest clothing store. I retrieved an outfit quickly and the sales people were nice enough to let me change in the fitting room after my purchase.

Now for those of you following at home this all happened in a very short time frame. Not even noon and I was about ready to call it quits. My competitive side wouldn't let me quit and for the sake of amusement my friend wanted to see what would happen next. The rest of my day proved to be just as eventful. I burnt my tung on our lunch (6-6) I found a c.d. that had been sold out for weeks (6-7) and so on and so fourth. The score stayed pretty even while one thing countered another. By the time I got home the sun was down and I was winning 27-28.

Was winning. But my keys, like my bus pass, were sitting on my desk. 28-28. It took me a moment but I remembered that I had opened my bedroom window and chances that I forgot to lock it were pretty good. Half expecting failure I found my window and like a dream it slid right open.28-29 Relieved to be back in the lead I climbed through it at a rather quick speed just incase a neighbor happened by and thought I was breaking in and up to no good. No such thing happened but in my haste to get in I lost my balance and tried to catch my self on the wall. I feel like this normally would have worked but, where there should have been a flat wall something dug into my palm. 29-29. I have to give credit where credit is due so when I discovered that the cause of my agony was the same tack I had stepped on in the morning I quietly excepted that the day had gotten 30 points and I was, as to be expected , a step behind at 29.

Climbing into bed I laughed at the fact that I had actually enjoyed my "one of those days" and for that we will have to call it a tie. Lesson learned competition can be good for the soul.


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    • Cathleena Beams profile image

      Cathleena Beams 

      6 years ago from Lascassas, Tennessee

      Very humorous story. Kept my attention to the end to see who would win. I've had days like this. Hopefully won't have any this week. Praying for calm and peaceful experiences and a change from what it's been like at work lately. Following you now. Best of luck in all you do.


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