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Your Core Beliefs Determines Your Identity

Updated on February 17, 2020
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My passion is to inspire and coach people to achieve what they want to get out of life.

The Formation Of Beliefs


What Do Your Self-beliefs Say About You?

Are your core beliefs about yourself mostly positive or negative?

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Encoding of Your Subconscious Mind Starts at the Moment Your Brain Awakes

I have had many great things happen to me in my life, but the birth of my grandson has been the most significant experience I have ever had. I have been around him every day of his life. Witnessing the first nine years of my grandson's life has been remarkable. I was amazed to see his core beliefs form over the first few years and they remain to this day. As rudimentary as his new beliefs were, it is his core beliefs that are already influencing his behaviors, thoughts, emotions, and reactions every minute of every day. He continues to form new core beliefs every week. Amazingly his thoughts are being generated by those same beliefs developed in his early childhood. It is incredible to see this occur. It is like watching a blank slate fill up moment after moment. I have watched the foundation of his identity form brick by brick.

Ask yourself, what is it that produces, generates and influences your behaviors, emotions, thoughts, and reactions not only toward yourself but also others and the world?

It is the formation of core beliefs that become embedded in your mind throughout your whole life that truly influences the development of you as a person? I believe this to be true. Your core beliefs are truly the foundation of your identity/personality. Your core beliefs create the rules, standards, and procedures that you live by every moment of your life.

Thought and Beliefs

Think about this.

“Your beliefs are the origin of your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your worth. Your worth determines your destiny.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Therefore if Gandhi's statement is correct, then your destiny is determined by your core beliefs stored in your subconscious mind.

Understand a building is only as strong as its foundation and materials used to build it. In that vein, your identity is just as strong as the core beliefs.

Why Do You React The Way You Do Seemly Without Conscious Control?

Are your core beliefs that important? Well yes, they are of great importance.

You are not aware of it but what is limiting you from achieving what you want is your core beliefs. Your absolute beliefs rule, govern and influences your thinking, feelings, and behaviors, as well as your reactions. How you react today is generated by encoded beliefs formed many years before.

How you reaction today are generated by encoded beliefs formed many years before, sometimes from your childhood.

Think about these questions.

Are caught in a routine? Do you feel you're stuck in the same old thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and reactions? If you answered the question, yes, then move to the next question.

Is it time for you to make changes in your life? If yes then keep reading.

First, you need to look at your belief system. 90% of all the decisions you make are a result of your core beliefs which scripted on your subconscious mind and rules your life. Core beliefs are the result of your mind code. Your core beliefs accumulated throughout your whole life. Unawareness of your core beliefs can make you vulnerable and can limit your happiness and success.

Understand that doing nothing gets you nothing. If you continue to do the wrong things you keep getting poor results. Repeatedly doing the same things over and over again changes when you make a change. If you are operating off of old emotions, core beliefs, behaviors, ideas, thoughts or habits then nothing in your life changes.

Do you know if your beliefs are motivating or limiting? The unfortunate problem is that you do not know what your core beliefs are. Good or bad. Deciphering your mind code through your beliefs have not been anyone’s life focus nor has there been a program to assist you in achieving such an objective. You could be carrying limiting beliefs such as; "I am not good enough", "I don't deserve ____", "I am not worthy of _____", "I am a failure", "everything I do is wrong", "I don't matter", 'I never do anything right", or "everyone is against me".

Take Away

Is it possible to uncover your core beliefs which are continually influencing how you react to yourself as well as life? Well yes, it is possible to discover all your core beliefs that are unknown from your consciousness.

Can core beliefs be changed? Yes, they can. All you have to do is discover, recognize, evaluate your core beliefs. Then create a new list of new core beliefs to fill in for the ones you don't want or are not working for you. Just change your belief system your thoughts will change. Change your thoughts, your perceptions, emotions, and behaviors will change.

© 2013 Bill Tollefson


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