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Changes Are Inevitable in Human Life!

Updated on September 16, 2017


The inevitable changes in life and environment!

Changes! This is the only permanent thing in this world. From the atom to cosmos, everything undergoes changes each moment! We hold on to the changes, hence we undergo emotional outbursts sometimes. When we cling to the changing phenomena, we won’t have peace at anytime in life. Hence, those who seek permanent peace must hold on to the changeless principle behind the creation! It is the invisible base of the entire creation and cosmos. We term it in many ways like Creator, Almighty god, the Self, Atma and so on. Yes behind the seeming projection of cinema of life, there is a fixed entity like the pure white screen which is the consciousness within each individual. The consciousness never undergoes any changes or modification whatsoever! Do we find that the screen is burnt after a scene of fire or becoming wet due to the scene of floods? Never! The screen of the cinema hall is absolutely unaffected by any scenes projected on it! It may be devastating earthquakes, nuclear wars or any such catastrophes! Observe the screen after the show ends. It is pure and pellucid as it was before! How and why? The screen is never attached to the pictures. It remains aloof, yet the pictures are seen only during the presence of the screen! Right! It is the same case with the inner Self or Atma which is not attached to the visible world and remains aloof as a mere witness! Hence try to remain as a pure witness to the world around! Never get involved or attached to any scene! This is the secret of peace and serenity!

More quotes on changes!

Do not identify with the mind at any time!

This is the first lesson in spirituality! So long as we do not identify with the mind, nothing will affect us! The moment we identify ourselves with the mind and body, all problems start and we undergo troubles, turmoil and grief! Pain, grief and pleasure are felt in the mind. The consciousness or self is unaffected by pain or pleasure since it is a mere witness! For instance we watch people die and carried to the burial ground. It is a casual occurrence. Unless the dead person is our close friend or relative, we never care about the procession and we pass along our ways. Not every death affects us. But we sometimes feel pity and compassion at huge loss of lives during some natural calamities. What causes grief in our mind? It is attachment, physical and mental. We are all attached to our family and children. If some things happen to them, we become concerned and not otherwise. We are not worried about other people or other families in the neighborhood. This is natural. Each mother protects her baby and concerned about its welfare! What we conclude is, ‘develop detachment but do your legitimate duties to families. You may love them but never get attached to them. Attachment is the cause of grief later! This is the teaching of Buddha! “Desire is the root cause of all suffering”. Relinquish desire and you become burden less! How the fire burns and glows? It is because of the fuel in the form of log of wood etc. Do not feed the fuel and the fire will be extinguished soon. A ragging fire burns within ourselves in the form of lust or desire for material things. Quench this desire by wise counsel .Possessions will never increase our happiness. In this world there are many billionaires but they are never happy. At the same time there are people who are content with what little they possess and they are the wise ones!

Life and changes.

Thoughts become desires which will lead to Greed!

Thoughts become desires and desires breed greed. The greedy man can never find happiness either in this world or the other world! Selfishness or ego and greed are the pests which destroy the peace within us. Why hanker for million when you can manage with few thousands! What we need is food, clothing, a roof to cover and money to meet our normal expenses including medical. When we intend to purchase a shoe or slipper, we go for the correct size! If larger, it will slip from the foot! If the size is short, it will bite your foot! Similarly it is enough to have sufficient money to lead a comfortable life. More money means more problems with income tax people, thieves, and relatives! Less money means you have to take loan to meet your essential expenses! Which one do you prefer? Correct size is the answer! All those who hoard extra money will suffer from extra problems!

We have seasons on earth. It is summer, winter, spring and autumn. The scorching sun of the summer induces us to seek the cool shade of trees, drink cool drinks. Again during winter, we want heat and blankets to cover us. During rain, we wear raincoats and carry umbrellas. According to the season, we equip ourselves for the comfort of the body! Can we avoid summer or winter? No, it is impossible but we have to become resilient and flexible to meet any challenges due to climate! Now we find floods in many countries submerging the roads, buildings and cars even! It is a temporary hardship created by nature It is inevitable and no one can prevent such natural calamities! But we can learn many valuable lessons through hard times. Nothing we possess is really ours for all the time! Changes may occur at any period of our life! But if we are resilient to the changes, we can pass through those hard days. Do not become rigid in views. The grass is never affected by storm. While a tall sturdy tree suffers destruction in gale of winds! Why? The grass bend its head when a storm happens. The big tree will never stoop or bend and hence its arrogance is punished by break! It is the same case with human beings! Those who are humble will pass through any peril but those who are arrogant will be punished severely by fate. We have witnessed the same in the case of arrogant dictators of the past. Most dictators committed suicide unable to face their opponents during adversity!

Hence, if you want peace and happiness, develop humi8lity, be resilient to changes and face any tough situation with fortitude and patience. Never develop pride about your wealth, possessions and scholarship. Nothing will save you during adversity or calamity!


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