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Character Sketch- Jenna Ritter

Updated on July 22, 2010


Character Sketch

Her name is Jenna Ritter. She’s better known as the bubbly, happy, sweet Jen. Although that’s really the opposite of her. She has long legs and a long torso with a curvy bottom and top with a flat stomach, the body every girl wishes she had. She has emerald green eyes and a cute white toothy smile. Her skin is smooth and tan and surrounded by rich chocolate shoulder length hair that’s always done perfectly although looks effortless. She’s the epitome of beauty. She’s always smiling, the kind where her eyes crinkle. She loves to laugh and without even knowing she tries to make people feel comfortable. But she’s troubled. If someone makes a comment to her that she doesn’t understand she will go on auto pilot, she will put up her guard and label the person as someone she doesn’t like. She’s been through a rough, harsh, abusive relationship which has left her with almost nothing. She wants to try anything that will make her forget, including drugs. She’s connected to her phone at all times. She’s anxious. She’s not a mystery to anyone but the people who she lets in. Jen is very naive. She doesn’t understand normal advice; she doesn’t know how to follow through with what people tell her to do in order to handle her issues. Her parents have stopped caring; they send her to a therapist who gives her any drug she asks for. Jen thinks she’s in control, she pretends to everyone and herself. A girl in our school committed suicide in the beginning of the year, and she said she was jealous of her. She has recently tried to end her life, although thankfully she was not successful. It’s amazing how people still do not know so much about her. It’s extremely apparent and always the elephant in the room when she’s with people who know her, actually know and have shared the pain with her. Jennie is the daughter of Natalie and Bob. She is sister to Anna, who is dangerously overweight. When Jen was in 6th grade, she started to binge and purge, also known as being bulimic. That has stuck with her throughout the years although more recently there haven’t been many tell tale signs that she’s doing it. Jen’s grades were average, but when the drug use and fights in school began (especially with her ex-boyfriends new girlfriend) she was only allowed to come for half days, and have a tutor instead. She didn’t care anymore and just let the tutors do her work for her. But if I can say anything about her, she’s one of the greatest friends you could find.


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