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Characteristics of a Malnourished Individual

Updated on February 11, 2010


Characteristics of a Malnourished Individual

Malnutrition is the opposite of good nutrition. It is a condition of the body resulting from nutritional deficiency or it may be due to an excessive supply of nutrients.

There are two kinds of malnutrition - undernutrition and overnutrition. If the body does not get the proper kind and amount of nutrients that it needs, undernutrition results. On the other hand, if a person's diet contains much more nutrients than is required, overnutrition results. Obesity results from eating more than what the body needs for growth, energy, and maintenance.

How will you know if an in­dividual is malnourished? Watch out for any of these manifestations: . The person is restless and ir­ritable. . He has poor appetite. . He is either underweight or over

weight. . He is susceptible to infection. . He has deformed ribs. . He has swollen abdomen. . He looks weak and tired. . He looks pale. . He lacks vigor. . He can't see well in dim light. . He has-depigmented hair - the hair becomes thin, dry and what is called "blondness."

Permanency of the changes brought about by malnutrition appears to be dependent on the severity, time of onset and duration of malnutrition.

It should be recognized that malnutrition may be brought about in many different ways. It may be due to the inadequacy of food as to quan­tity or quality; or the supply of food is all right but digestion and absorption is so poor that the food nutrients are not taken into the blood stream. Anything which interferes with the normal processes by which food is utilized in the body, tends to bring about a malnourished condition.

Thus,    health can   be   im­proved       by taking a well-balanced  diet  and  correcting  the physical defects and the bad habits responsible for malnutrition.


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      poo 5 years ago

      this does not depicked the true meaning of malnurishment.

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      jazz jefferson 7 years ago

      the meanings are very meaningful and some of aRE STUPID AND NON SENSE JOKE THE ONe who write this is malnourished

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      suck 7 years ago