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Characteristics of the Worst Jobs for Bipolar People

Updated on July 20, 2013

Fired again? Living with Bipolar disorder is hard enough. Trying to manage it in the workplace can seem impossible because of all the factors that are outside your control. But it’s not your fault. There are some occupations not suited for people with Bipolar disorder. Here are a few traits of some of the worst jobs for people with mood disorders.

Job Traits to Avoid When You Have Bipolar Disorder

1. Avoid Erratic Scheduling. Working crazy schedules can wreak havoc on your mental health. Avoid this trap by choosing an occupation with more stable and traditional working hours. For example, skip the grueling 12 hour plus shifts of hospital nurses and opt to work in a private doctor’s office instead.

2. Avoid Abusive Customers. Run away fast from any job that requires you to sit on your butt and spout “Thank you for calling XXX,” 20 or more times per day. Yes, I’m referring to the call center position- especially those involving client support or sales. In fact, any job that makes you a potential target for abuse or aggression is a big no no. You just don’t need the stress. Avoid the temptation of this low-hanging fruit.

3. Avoid Rigidity and Lack of Compromise. So, Micromanaging Mary is the boss from hell. You might be thinking it’s no big deal, or that you’re capable of coping with it, but you’d be wrong. Maintaining autonomy in working is essential to the well-being of those with Bipolar disorder. Avoid any jobs that lack a little wiggle room in creative decision making. You might be able to cope now, but add high stress to the mix and you will most surely have a recipe for violence and disaster.

4. Avoid Frequent Distractions. This tip may not apply to everyone, but I think most people who've experienced a manic episode would agree that noisiness and frequent distractions in the workplace are not conducive to thriving at work. Excess environmental stimuli can make it difficult to focus and complete tasks. Depending on the nature of the job though, there may be accommodations an employer can make for this issue (example: providing a private office).

You Can Manage and Keep Your Job

If you've been plagued with the issue of not being able to keep a job, know that there is hope for you. Hopefully this list of offenders will help you know what to avoid and look out for as you embark on your next career journey.


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    • Deborah Novacek profile image


      5 years ago from California, USA

      As a person with Bipolar Disorder, I agree with all of your points in this Hub. Finding just the *right* employment is absolutely necessary for folks like me.

      Great job!


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