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Charge-Capture Software— Allows For Optimal Reimbursement Payments…and More!

Updated on August 12, 2014

Physicians and doctors being able to maximize reimbursements from Medicare is always a good thing. Increased reimbursements have a whole lot to do with Charge-capture software that is allowing medical professionals to more effectively schedule follow-up appointments with their patients who have been discharged from hospitals or other health-care facilities. As of January 1 of 2013, Medicare began paying for two new CPT codes-- #99495 and #99496--which have to do with transitional-care management and follow-up care for exiting patients. Thanks to these two new codes, payment increases dealing with transitional care and follow-up care can surge by as much as 45%!

The parameters stipulated by Medicare and Medicaid services regarding reimbursement for the new CPTs are quite simple: 1) either the patient or his or her caregiver needs to be contacted within 48 hours of discharge 2) patients associated with complex medical decisions must be seen by the provider within 7 days and 3) patients associated with moderate medical decisions must be seen by the provider within 14 days of discharge. Though the stipulations, in and of themselves, appear simple enough, it’s meeting those strict timelines that presents challenges for medical personnel.

Let’s take a look at how the challenges can be easily handled with charge-capture software:

Paper-Systems Don’t Cut It:

Efficiency is the name of game! Archaic paper-systems would have difficulty meeting the time constraints set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regarding contacting or seeing discharged patients in a timely fashion. Before the use of charge-capture software, patients fell through the cracks since there was no real system that existed to track whether or not follow-up appointments even took place. Eliminating those inherent challenges, via charge-capture software, is nothing less than impressive. Providers can use their smartphones at the point of patient care and enter and submit respective billing charges, hand-off notes and discharge information from the patient’s hospital room where the information is instantaneously transmitted to the doctor’s office. The doctor’s office-support team can, then, make immediate arrangements for any follow-up visits—no phone calls from the doctor to the office and no keeping track of endless paper documents! Doctors now have the absolute luxury of utilizing software that provides follow-up alerts, delivers prompts that reveal time-frames for those follow-ups and guarantees that office-staff has all the data to ensure follow-up activities are immediately addressed.

Charge-Capture Software Is Mobile And Multi-faceted:

Not only does charge-capture software ensure maximized reimbursements regarding Medicaid and Medicare patient follow-ups, but enhancing communication between doctors and office staff, reducing the overall costs of medicine and improving patient care are benefits any doctor would find extremely appealing. Since tracking and billing patients can be performed with ease and efficiency via charge-capture software, turnaround time on billing can be trimmed from weeks to mere days! This, also, offers the distinct possibility of eliminating the need for further billing personnel.

Doctors can make their rounding much more efficiently since any new patients that are added by office staff to a doctor’s computer can show up on the doctor’s iPhone screen within 60 seconds or less!

Reducing the overall costs of medicine, minimizing or eliminating lost charges, preventing costly mistakes, dramatically reducing the amount of paperwork, improving communication, eliminating super-bills and charge-slips and lowering a practice’s administrative overhead speak for themselves. Mobile charge-capture software offers all this and more! After it’s all said and done, physicians can spend more time with their patients instead of their paperwork!


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