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Tame Your BloatingTummy...

Updated on September 28, 2012
Warning this is only funny during a few weeks out  of every month.
Warning this is only funny during a few weeks out of every month.

Don't let belly bloat get you down.

BY: Anastasia Vaughan

Most people in life have had at least a day or two in their life that they can look back on and call their fat day. Its’ your special time of the month when you have bloating,cramps,and an excess amount of cravings that make you feel a little out of touch with being to control your body. After recently spending some quality time with a doctor I have key insight into what to do now to tune up your gut during those awkward moments when belly just seems to hold more bounce than an ounce. The reason women become bloated during this time of the month is due to release of excess glands that often create a water build up in the stomach. Progesterone holds water in your belly which is produced at higher rates right before your period is supposed to arrive.

Now that we know the cause of the excessive bloating here are some helpful tips that will be help you get down the bulge of the belly. Up to about a week before experiencing your period it is suggested that a woman eat celery and cucumber. If you are not allergic to IB profane(200mgs or less) take it 3x’s a day before you have your period in order to fight the progesterone that your body is attempting to take in. You can fight the bloat by changing your diet for the occasion which of avoiding foods that are not complex carbohydrates or are known to be refined foods. Stay away from white rice, bread, and pasta. Replace your craving with 5 full servings of fruits and veggies while still checking portion control. You are going for a low carbohydrate diet. Avoid caffeine while being menstrual, eat lean meats, and take vitamin B.

Exercise while and before you have your period is also a wonderful way to stay in a great shape in your life. Doctors suggest abs workouts as well as walking. To don’t have feel like your worst you while you are on your cycle but you do have to work a little harder the choice is yours. If you are considering using this advice and have any problems at all consult your local physician.


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