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Cheap Caskets

Updated on May 1, 2011

Cheap Caskets

For some families the cost of a casket or coffin for a recently departed loved one is a no expenses spared affair. A funeral can at times be a bigger and more elaborate affair than a wedding or a christening.

More realistically the finances of the situation may be of a genuine concern. Some may opt for a low cost or direct cremation whilst others will need and insist upon a funeral.

If a funeral is to take place then a casket of some kind will be required. This will be necessary whether the intention is cremation or burial. When there are expenses to watch it makes great sense to look at the cheap caskets that are available. Whereas the option of a ‘rental’ coffin is always available most people dislike the idea. They purchase the real thing and this is very much a ‘here today and gone tomorrow’ purchase, unless of course it will be placed in a family tomb in which case something much more elaborate will be essential.

Decorative Green Coffin

The Green Casket

One of the biggest benefits to the cheap casket is that it is ‘Green’ and much less harmful to the environment or atmosphere than a conventional coffin. In a cremation they burn quicker and cleaner and cause less polluting smoke and ash. A cheap ‘green’ casket goes all the way and so avoids removal of the departed from a rental option.

By a cheap casket it usually refers to one which has been made of toughened cardboard or other recycled materials. These can even be purchased by mail order. Slightly more expensive are those coffins made from willow (wicker) or bamboo. Other options are made from Seagrass, Yorkshire Wool, Cotton and even Coconut and Banana leaves. The budget caskets are often more attractive and a lot less sombre in appearance to the old traditional stained wood and brass handled coffin. Some of the suppliers of cheap caskets are able to offer their woven coffins in a variety of colours.

Wicker Coffin

All of the cheap casket suppliers will usually stock a range of sizes and several will also have those especially made for pets as well. Most people who attend a funeral where a properly made cheap casket is being used will usually remark how attractive they look and express an interest in the same for when they depart. Cheap Caskets are greener, more economical, are nice to see and they make sense.


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