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Cheap Health Insurance Rate

Updated on June 29, 2010

With increasing costs of health care, almost everyone is interested in finding a cheap health insurance rate. There are several ways that you can use to accomplish this task. Some may be perfect for your personal situation, others may be less desirable. The type of coverage that you get is likely to vary according to such factors as where you live, your health condition, your age and your gender.

One way to lower your health insurance rate is to pay higher deductibles. When you are prepared to pay a larger amount of health care costs personally before the insurance coverage kicks in, the costs to the insurer won't be as high so your premium costs go down. A high deductible in return for low rates gives you coverage for something truly catastrophic but doesn't drain your pocketbook every month paying for premiums you can't afford.

 If you join a health insurance group, you will pay lower rates. It can be a challenge to find a group at times, but you may want to consider such organizations as AARP. When there is a group that you are eligible to join, you get the rates applied to the group. More people in the insured base means the risk is spread over a larger group and the premiums are lower overall.

Many people become part of an employer's health plan. This type of group insurance can be partially or completely subsidized by the employer. Again, more people means the risk is spread over more individuals, so the amount employees pay may be lower for two reasons. Sometimes the employee is covered in such plans, but must pay a certain percentage for family members coverage.

 Your insurance will cost less if you limit the amount of coverage that you purchase. For example, when you are young and relatively healthy, there is no need to purchase comprehensive insurance to cover doctor visits and specialties such as acupuncture. Limit yourself to catastrophic coverage and you will pay less.

A health maintenance organization usually has lowered costs for the insured. You may not be able to choose your doctor or clinic where services are performed, but you generally pay less for the coverage. This makes the HMO popular with individuals looking for basic coverage at a reasonable premium cost.

Searching for health insurance online is another ways to find lower costs. Businesses that conduct most of their advertising online may pay less to publicize their services. When this occurs, they can pass savings on to the insured. This may result in lower premium costs for you when you purchase online.

You don't have to settle for poor insurance coverage in order to get a cheap health insurance rate. Do your homework to determine whether the terms of the policy will satisfy the coverage needs that you have. It's not necessary to pay too much for insurance if you take the time to define the type of coverage you need and what's the best way to pay for it.


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