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Cheap Invisalign - How To Find The Cheapest Invisalign Prices

Updated on October 9, 2011

Invisalign braces are a modern form of orthodontics. Instead of using the traditional style metal wire and brackets, Invisalign are clear braces that are made from a clear medical plastic. Once on the teeth they are almost completely invisible. The other major difference between Invisalign and traditional orthodontics is that they are removable for eating and important social occasions.

When looking for cheap Invisalign it's important to remember that several factors affect the price of Invisalign. These factors can be broken down into three main categories: the location of the surgery or practice where you will be treated, the experience of your provider, and the complexity of your orthodontic treatment.

One thing that is vital to remember is that although nobody wishes to pay too much for their treatment, as with any medical treatment, it is important to balance the cost of the treatment with the experience of the person providing it. The cheapest option may not necessarily be the best option for you if you will not be happy with the final outcome.

Invisalign Braces!

Invisalign aligners
Invisalign aligners

The Location Of Your Provider.

One of the first factors to consider when looking for cheap Invisalign treatment is the area where you live. In general major cities have higher Invisalign costs. This is because the dentist or orthodontist will also have higher costs that they need to pass on to you. Examples of these might be higher rents, higher staff costs etc. 

However, sometimes areas where there are a lot of providers can actually have lower costs even if they are in a major city. This is because competition between different providers can help to keep the costs down. 

When you are seeking Invisalign treatment, if you know that you are in an area where there are a large number of other providers, let the Invisalign dentist know at the consultation that you plan to get a number of opinions and quotes. This may help to ensure that the quote that you are given is the most competitive possible. 

Real Invisalign Patient After Treatment

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Experience of Your Invisalign Provider.

Invisalign are offered by specially trained providers who have completed a course in the Invisalign system. Invisalign providers can be either dentists or orthodontists.

General dentists who offer Invisalign are, in most countries, dentists who offer a wide range of dental treatments as well as Invisalign. They have no specialised training in orthodontics beyond what is taught within a general dental degree.

By contrast orthodontists have gone on to specialise in tooth movement or orthodontics. Having completed their general dentistry training they will then have completed additional years at university specifically training them in the movement of teeth.

If you have a complex dental problem it is likely that you would get a better result by choosing an orthodontist to complete your treatment.

As well as general orthodontic experience there is also great variation in providers as to how many Invisalign cases they have completed. The Invisalign website offers a search facility where you can search for providers in your area and they are ranked by experience.

Sometimes new Invisalign providers who have just completed training offer lower prices in order to get more experience. Similarly, providers who have completed hundreds of cases may charge more. This is not always the case though, so please check with your provider how much experience they have with Invisalign and how many cases they have completed that are similar to your own.

Complexity Of Orthodontic Problem

Different orthodontic problems require different levels of treatment. Patients with very simple problems to treat may require only very short treatment times and may be suitable for Invisalign express, an Invisalign system designed for the simplest of orthodontic problems. Generally, patients using this system have a problem that will take 10 or less aligners to treat. 

By contrast, some patients with very complex orthodontic issues may take many more aligners and much longer to treat. This means that the Invisalign dentist will be required to spend longer planning treatment and will have to see the patient for many more appointments. For this reason full Invisalign for complex problems may cost more than simpler issues. 

Reucing Invisalign costs
Reucing Invisalign costs

How To Save Money

It is advisable when considering Invisalign orthodontic treatment to get a number of opinons and quotes. Generally no two providers will offer the same treatment plan and the length of time and price quoted can vary considerably.

When visiting providers to obtain quotes it is important to remember to clarify what is included in the price for treatment. Some providers quote a single price that includes all treatments until the patient is satisfied. Others quote a price but then ask for additional payments for items such as fittings, and retainers. It is important to ensure when comparing prices that you are comparing like with like.

As suggested earlier in this article ask the provider to give you the most competitive price possible and also ask whether there are discounts for paying up front. Check whether your insurance fund will refund some of the cost.

Another option if considering a cheaper price is to call a local teaching hospital that teaches orthodontists. They often need cases to work upon and do so at a much lower cost than experienced providers.

The most important thing to remember however is that the cheapest provider available may not be the best provider for you. When considering which Invisalign dentist you should opt for take into account both the prices quoted, and the amount of experience that a provider has in treating Invisalign cases generally, and particularly in treating cases similar to yours.

Nite White Whitening
Nite White Whitening

Saving Money On Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is often offered by Invisalign dentists and orthodontists as part of the treatment. Sometimes this can be a substantial extra cost on top of your other dental bills. It is always worth asking your dentist or orthodontist whether they will include whitening in your Invisalign costs. Some orthodontists will be willing to do this as the whitening process actually costs them very little. 

If your Invisalign provider doesn't want to include whitening for free you can still get whitening cheaply. Most dentists and orthodontists supply their clients with Invisalign with Nite White for bleaching with their aligners. They may charge their patient a lot of money for it but actually you can buy nite white yourself without prescription. 

The idea of bleaching with Invisalign is that you already have a custom made tray so you can just add the whitening gel to it. However, what most people don't realise is that even custom made trays are not essential. There is a form of Nite White on Amazon that comes with DIY trays too. However, if you are an Invisalign patient the best thing to do is to purchase your own Nite White 10% (the cheaper one without the DIY trays) and use it according to the instructions. This is exactly the same as what many orthodontists and dentists will sell you for a much higher cost. 

There is one thing that you should know though. You should not bleach in your Invisalign trays whilst your teeth have attachments fitted as the bleach cannot get underneath the attachments so you would be left with darker areas on your teeth. This applies whether you get your bleaching gel yourself or get it from your Invisalign provider. 

Nite White Without Trays (For Invisalign patients)

Nite White With Trays (Non Invisalign Patients)


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    • profile image

      Newton Invisalign 7 years ago

      Font, thank you for the suggestions. May I point out (for US consumers) that a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a way to save 30%-40% of the cost, whoever the provider - without compromising choice or quality!

      If paired with dental insurance, which pays about 30% of the cost, the savings can be 50%!