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Salty or Sweet...Step Into A New Size

Updated on July 20, 2010

For most of those who have metabolism issues the slow kind at least eating what we want at any given time whenever we can is a challenge.

I have a fetish for things salty and spicy and my poison is potato chips...even at the movies I bring my own bag because popcorn doesn't quite do it for me, with the exception of ice cream from which you cant convince me to give up even during winter and the occasional ginger snap cookies for when I have a cookie craving.

Anyway we all have our weakness but what I have come to learn is that if you eat just because its there then all its doing is adding those extra pounds that you don't want. The idea therefore is to eat "treats" occasionally this way you develop a craving (in a good way) for them and you enjoy every last bite.

But while this doesn't help in the day to day basis, I have a few suggestions that might help if implemented for the long haul and they include:-

  • Eat to alleviate hunger and not because you want to eat.

The idea here is to eat three meals a day and snack in between. Overtime your body adjusts to small meals and at regulated intervals meaning there wont be any excesses to be converted into fat.

  • Indulge in more fruits and yogurt as a substitute for snacks

This is because they are more nutritious and will not add pounds thus the body will take in the necessary nutrients and excretes the rest. Furthermore there is no cooking involved, you can eat them on the go and most importantly the fibers in fruits keep you bowels moving and cleansed.

It will keep you hydrated or in the case of fruit juice give you the needed energy until your next meal while keeping you hydrated.

  • Exercise more

Hit the gym once or twice a week and add onto it as your body adjusts because it does and you will know when to add a new routine.

If going to the local store, opt for a walk rather than a drive...or ride the bike and work up a sweat.

Enjoy things like the sunset or a walk in the park...and to get you always in the mood for these activities, elicit the company of your friends or partner to tag along that way you get to work up a little sweat and the bonus of a good time with loved ones.

The perception with carbohydrates is that they are the culprits associated with weight gain thus the need to cut them out completely from the diet becomes our main goal. A few weeks later you have gone down a dress size or two and before long you are thinking you have hit the weight loss jackpot and you keep up with the routine.

Suddenly you are feeling woozy and you are wondering whats happening but your body is so low on carbs it need to be fed. You bite into that burger or philly cheese steak and you are feeling guilty for feeding your body.

In most cases we don't realize that carbs are the energy source for our bodies and if they are not available in the correct amounts the body starts shutting down slowly until we faint while having that walk in the park and we are in the hospital being poked and incurring a medical bill unnecessarily.

Carbs are important and cutting them out completely from our diet is doing our body injustice from our brains whose main source of nutrients is glucose...a product of carbohydrates to our muscles.

The key is to eat carbs in moderation, for instance keep those burgers to a minimum; opt for whole wheat or brown rice or a scoop of mashed to keep them diverse thus protect the body from developing complications associated from consuming to much of one carb source.

However, the challenge with any weight loss regiment is to keep it up over the long haul.

In a culture where we want results now, we expect to see the changes in few days but what we forget to remember is that it took us months and in some cases years to get to where we are with our wieght issues.

So opt for an apple and banana instead of those chips when grabbing something in the store...avoid that urge to call for or drive by for burgers and fries...instead of those bottles of soft drinks stuff your fridge with fresh juice and work your way into a new body.

All things considered the power is within you....question is....can you step up?


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