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Updated on April 22, 2011

Study Mustard Seed Faith-Matt. 17:20-21

As I study and using a commentary, I received deeper revelation on faith as a mustard seed that fit my life, my situations, my goals, in my walk with Christ. And I just want to share a little of commentary and how it shed light in my life. I won’t say all I’ve learned here but if you need more faith or want to know why your faith isn’t producing, I suggest you get a commentary to aid you with the word of God and much prayer and fellowship with God and listen to hear God speak to you. Most important thing is to hear God speaking to you.

An Active Faith can remove mountains, not of itself, but in the virtue of a divine power engaged by a divine promise.

Virtue is Moral excellence of divine power; means Virtue in Jesus who is divine power: Example who touched me. I perceive VIRTUE is gone out of me?

Engaged is to hire, to occupy oneself with, promise to marry; means it’s promised, hired, and occupied by a divine promise: Example; if I could but touch the hem of His garment, I believe I’ll be made whole! Glory to God! Jesus and the lady with the issue of blood is an example of active faith. Her belief was engaged by a divine promise of healing. Read it and hear God talking to you! I feel my help in my soul.

If you had but a grain of true faith, though so little that is was like the least of all seeds, you would do wonders. The faith here required (point of reference/belief) had for its object that particular revelation by which Christ gave his disciples power to work miracles in his name. It was faith in this revelation they were defective in. Commentary.

Don’t know why they were; perhaps their Master’s absence and chief disciples may raise some doubt that their power could do this. Commentary wrote. It’s not good for us to rely on our own strength. But it is displeasing to Christ when we distrust any power derived from him or granted by him. So we must be careful after we have received power, anointing from God through Christ that we don’t become doubtful of this anointing and it will be challenged in our mind; effecting our senses by Satan to get us into unbelief. Thus, displeasing God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Examine your faith that seems to be failing. Locate where doubt may be located and expel it by confession in prayer and renew your mind where that doubt is concern. Amen! That is what I’m doing, right now.

Mustard seed faith; if you have ever so little of this faith in sincerity you shall say to this mountain, remove. This statement is leading to be widely allured to or believed expression indicating the words that followed in scripture; and no more nothing shall be impossible to you. They distrusted the power they had received and there so failed.


To convince them of this Christ showed them what they might have done.

Because there was something in the kind of malady caused the cure to be more ordinarily difficult (v21) this kind goes out but by prayer and fasting.

The extraordinary power of Satan must not discourage our faith, but quicken us to a greater intenseness in the acting of it and more earnestness in praying to God for the increase of it. Fasting and praying are proper means for the fetching in of divine power to our assistance. Fasting is of use to put an edge upon prayer. It is an evidence and instance of humiliation and is necessary in prayer. Fasting must be joined with prayer to keep under the body. Commentary quote.

I personally believe that since the disciples had Jesus with them they could not fast. Another place in scripture tells us that when the Jesus was asked why do your disciple not fast. And Jesus replied, “They cannot while the bridegroom is still with them but a day come when the bridegroom will be taken away and then they shall fast.” In my words not quoted exact.

Yet, they had Jesus with them and were give power by Him, but failed. Jesus said oh faithless generation, how long shall I be with you before you believe. They were walking and talking with God Himself and yet doubt ruled in them. Much was given and much was required of them at that time. That displeased Jesus. But because of the doubt (in the Mind) Jesus was letting them and us know that after He’s gone you going to need to fast and pray to keep your faith sharp and effective. Staying connected with Him at all times.

It’s so easy to be deceived by Satan if we get slack or just don’t pay attention by being in constant prayer to God throughout our day; Satan will slip us a counterfeit and we’ll think it’s right and it’s ever so wrong. I know that’s true for me from experiences and present experiences they keeps driving me to stay close to God in prayer and with fasting in those most difficult challenges. I’m remind of this scripture I’m studying and writing about now as I go through a challenge of my faith. But I am more than a victor. Victory is mine in Jesus name, Amen!

I hope you gain the blessing it’s intend to be and that your faith is being renewed, built up, fired up and ready for battle. Please share it with others.


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