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Chefs Diet: Home Delivery of Fresh & Frozen Diet Meals

Updated on October 30, 2012

For awhile, there was a big trend towards diet programs in which the right foods were packaged and sent to your home for delivery. The trend didn't last too long but the reason for that was primarily because the diets failed, due in no small part to the fact that the available foods lacked the appeal that was needed for people to stick to the diet. But those diets had something going for them; there's something definitely appealing about having your meals delivered right to your doorstep. And if they're healthy for you, that's even better. So now some improvements have been made and the system is back, perhaps to become a new trend. The main diet that is starting this trend back up is the Chef's Diet.

The Chefs Diet is based first and foremost on the idea that your food should be appealing. You should want to eat healthy foods because they taste good and they make you feel good. And secondly, the diet is based on convenience, bringing these foods straight to your doorstep which is great during these times when we're really too busy to try to prepare healthy meals for ourselves on a regular basis.

Unlike many trend diets, the Chefs Diet isn't a high cab diet or a high protein diet or any of that stuff that makes diets so hard to stick with. Instead, the Chefs Diet is a balanced diet, which has a balanced proportion of protein and "good fats" and a slightly higher proportion of carbs. It's based on a diet called the Dr. Sears Zone Diet. The reported benefits of this diet include an increased energy level which increases the metabolism, stabilized blood sugar levels which helps the body run more efficiently over all and development of lean muscle mass. Of course, the ultimate goal of the diet is to lose weight.

The food is a combination of chef-prepared fresh meals and frozen meals. The diet is based on a plan of three meals and two snacks per day so you shouldn't ever be going hungry when you're on it. And there's a big variety in the foods so you can eat them whether your tastes lean towards Philly Cheesesteaks or lobster tails. And if you're at all interested in celebrity testimonials, the Chefs Diet comes with the recommendation of actress Tori Spelling, baseball player Jason Giambi, and pop singer Fergie.

Right now, the only places that you can get the Chefs Diet delivered to you on a daily basis are in Southern California and in the New York Tri-State areas, the first two areas to jump back on this healthy meal home delivery plan. But that doesn't mean that you can't get the Chefs Diet if you live somewhere else. It just means that you have to plan ahead because all other areas across the nation have only weekly delivery of the Chefs Diet.

The Chefs Diet itself may be a trend that sticks around or a trend that goes. But as our interest in eating healthy increases while our lives stay as busy as ever, the trend to have healthy meals delivered to our doorsteps is only likely to grow.


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  • profile image


    10 years ago

    interesting Hub. You continue to amaze me. This talks about important aspects of weight loss. I came across a similar hub at weight loss pills

    Again good work. I hope you continue to provide us with fresh information.

  • Learn And Know profile image

    Learn And Know 

    10 years ago

    that's great I think that you will found this website intresting too.

  • bobreed profile image


    10 years ago

    Excellent Hub. i have heard of diets like this but I learned alot more form your hub. I have a diet hub but it's on the Fat Smash Diet. You can find it here.

    You may find it interesting also. Keep up the good work.

  • successfuldiet profile image


    10 years ago from Oklahoma

    I have heard about these types of diet plans but never gave it much thought. Great infromation and ideas I will check into it more.


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