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Chemotherapy & the Corruption Surrounding Cancer Treatment

Updated on August 25, 2015

The controversy over chemotherapy appears to be ever on the increase, although this is not too surprising when one stands back & looks at many of the facts surrounding this form of cancer treatment. What is surprising, though, is that in this day & age people are still put through this horrendous torture with the hope of regaining their health when in fact the truth is that they are unaware of the true damage being caused to their body & their chances, though chemotherapy of making a full recovery are overshadowed by the real harm being caused to them. It seems chemotherapy is nothing more than an 'unnecessary evil' of today's society.

But, of course, for those responsible for developing the drugs used in chemotherapy it is very necessary, for one thing only; huge profits. Some people may wonder how this could be true & how this could be allowed to go on if it were true, well I guess it all comes down to just who is benefiting from funding. The government will definitely be top of this list. The big drug companies make billions of pounds per year from chemotherapy as well as the many other drugs & inoculations etc. pushed on us by our GP's & government backed advertising, so it is pretty much guaranteed that the government receive a big cut of these profits. Many of the most effective treatments out there are in fact natural & so they would be unable to patent them which would mean a huge loss in profits for the government & most likely the end of the control these drug companies actually have over society, if everyone were to turn to natural treatment options. Unfortunately this is the corrupt reality of the world today. Another point which I feel may just be relevant is when you consider that over 90% of all the money earned in the world, is in fact earned by just 2% of the population! I think they definitely know something most of us do not. Could this be down to the control of the general public through drugs they convince us to believe in, which are nothing but a money making method at the expense of our physical & spiritual health & even our lives? It is a lot to take in but I think there is definitely more truth in this than most of us would like to believe.

Chemotherapy Drugs

How (Un)successful Chemotherapy Really Is

It may just shock you to know that in fact more people die from the damage to their body caused by chemotherapy than die of cancer its self. Well if that is not shocking enough for you it may surprise you to know that scientists insist that chemotherapy is not even effective against 80% of cancers, yet it is still the method of treatment usually recommended by oncologists even in such cases.
Perhaps it is because they do not have a better alternative to try; perhaps they believe that it really is the best form of treatment for their patients? The fact that oncologists earn a hefty commission for each patient they get on chemotherapy may have an influence, yet we would hope that this was not the driving force behind such a decision from those people we trust, literally with our lives.

So, just how successful is chemotherapy likely to be for someone considering this a treatment option for cancer?
Well, exact statistics are very difficult to find but there is enough information out there to make it easy enough to get the general idea.

First of all it is important to understand just what is meant by the given statistics. Usually these are based over a five year period, so if they live this period out then the treatment would be considered a success. However, the fact is that people who have undergone chemotherapy & radio therapy are now more susceptible to cancer, so the chances of it returning at some point in the future are quite high. If this happens after the five years following their initial treatment, they are still considered to have been cured, even if they die in year six. Also there is the quality of life factor to consider; chemotherapy causes so much pain & suffering that depending on the outcome you hope to achieve, be it a few more months or to hopefully guarantee the success of surgery, it has to be considered if it is really worth it.
Now, in my opinion of what would be a far more suitable method to defining 'being cured' would be that the patient becomes completely cancer free & never dies of cancer, or the treatment. Also a suitable treatment plan should be one that works with the human body, with no terrible side effects & no risk of long term damage to the immune system.

Now we understand a bit about how to interpret the survival statistics the medical industry published, below shows just how misleading they really are.
Medical statistics put the overall survival rate for orthodox cancer treatments at 40-50% (over 5 years from being diagnosed).
Now the actual figure, when we consider the survival rate to mean that the person never dies of cancer, the treatment, any side effects of the treatment, or by any direct or indirect cause relating to the treatment is just 3%!
This is based on the research of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. also puts the real survival rate of those choosing natural treatment options at over 80%!

Given that chemotherapy is shown to have such destructive consequences in terms of immediate side-effects & susceptibility to further illness through the weakened state it leaves our body in, its more often than not completely unnecessary usage can only bring us to the conclusion that someone somewhere, perhaps people on many levels are making a killing through it. Pun intended.

Surely it makes sense that when faced with a serious disease we should be strengthening our body & its defences, building our immune system & boosting its ability to fight off this illness, enhancing our cell's ability to repair themselves & protecting those cells which are still healthy.
Not destroying & killing off these healthy cells in the hope of possibly killing the cancer cells at the same, not weakening our entire body & breaking down our own immune system at the time we need it most. This makes no logical sense or otherwise.

What are alternative options to orthodox cancer treatments?

There are many different methods to treating cancer the natural way; in fact there are over 400. The basis of naturally treating cancer is to get a suitable cancer diet in place. Many people all over the world have completely cured themselves of cancer through diet alone. This is done by literally starving the cancer cells of what they need to survive, the main one being sugar. Cancer cells have 20 times more receptors for seeking out glucose in the body than healthy cells, so clearly this is an immediate starting point; cutting sugar completely out of the diet. The next step would be to go organic; pesticides sprayed on food are carcinogenic. Meat should also be avoided; just a small amount of organic chicken once a week is enough. Dairy products should be avoided, perhaps substituted with goat produce. Acidic foods must be avoided also, this is very important. The next step in planning a cancer diet is to focus on foods which actually work against the cancer, of which there are many.

For increased effectiveness add supplements to your regime which build your immune system response & fight cancer directly. Again there are many, for details on some of the best ones see below & my Cancer Protocol (link provided below this article).

Homeopathic treatment is becoming an increasingly popular method for beating cancer. In order to pursue this line of treatment you would need to find a local homeopath that will guide you & provide their recommended medication.

Seeking the advice of a medical herbalist is another good option. Certain herbs are very effective at fighting cancer. A herbalist will make up herbal remedies specifically tailored to your individual needs, we are all different in the sense that one person may vary in a number of ways to another person's needs even if they have the same type of cancer. Emotional issues can affect this & one person may be lacking in certain nutrients that another is not. A good herbalist will pick up on these things & also recommend suitable vitamin supplements.

Supplements that Kill Cancer Faster Than Anything Seen Before

My website is updated with any new product releases which test higher than the ones previously listed in their cancer fighting ability. We have used these supplements ourselves & can verify the amazing effects they have, relatively quickly in our experience, on someone fighting even the most serious of cancers, as they go. Please visit my website, listed in the links section below for full details on the latest & most powerful cancer supplements available.

To maximise the potential benefits of these products it is always advisable to use them in conjunction with your cancer diet.


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    • keepitnatural profile image

      keepitnatural 5 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      I agree with you on the Tachyon minerals. They are mentioned here & are particularly good where any tumor swelling must be avoided. At least one thing I got right then?

      Thanks for the feedback.

    • profile image

      Just zis Guy 5 years ago

      Um, you do know that pretty much everything you wrote is delusional nonsense, right? But the ultimate prize is "tachyon minerals". I think you fell asleep during Star Trek and woke up during some sort of whacknut conspiracist lunacy on the "cancer conspiracy" (probably the ludicrous Burzynski infomercial or something) and got them muddled in your head.

      Tachyon minerals! Wow. That really is special.

    • keepitnatural profile image

      keepitnatural 6 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      Hi, J.Doe & thankyou for your comments.

      I get your point & unfortunately I am not behind the products mentioned here, however I do have experience in their usage & I have seen the amazing results they have had for my Dad.

      The thing is, as far as I see it at least, is that the products mentioned here are 'genuine' as far as they do work far better than chemo. etc. & they don't have any side effects because they are 'good for you'.

      The people who develop these products are clearly aiming to 'cure cancer' through natural methods that work, not waste millions skirting around this & trying to come up with a new 'drug' to do the same job -the answers are already there.

      I would much rather spend my money supporting the people behind the products here in their research & development of further amazing products than have chemo. or radio therapy, suffer the side effects & prey to be in the 2% that do actually survive.

    • profile image

      J.Doe 6 years ago

      I read the post. I like the alternative ideas but I cannot get over the hipocracy. Sure big companies and the make big profits with radiotherapy but using the profit motive as an argument then saying the only way to obtain alternative meds is to buy from a single source because the stuff is patented? It's one thing to say what is available and how it can be obtained but to alienate one camp just to advertise another? Sounds like someone else (not necessarily the author) is making big profits.

    • keepitnatural profile image

      keepitnatural 6 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      I agree, LesleesBits, on the difficulty of making such a decision as I have been through this with my Dad. His chemo. was completely ineffective yet further down the line they want him to have more? He has turned it down this time.

      You say you did have chemo. well I only hope that, for you, it was much more of a success & that you are doing well?

      Again I agree that we should all be individually responsible for our own health & methods of treatment we choose to undergo.

    • LesleesBits profile image

      Leslie 6 years ago from State College Pa

      its a tough decision to go with the natural treatment. You wonder if you are making the right choice and then if you aren't will it be too late? tough tough decision. I had chemo and it was the toughest decision for me to choose to do it. Thanks for a great informative hub. Certainly people need to be their own best advocates

    • keepitnatural profile image

      keepitnatural 7 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      I guess when someone close to you is touched by such issues, you just really feel for others in simillar circumstances.

      I just hope to change the opinions of even just a few people who might be considering chemo & hopefully bring to their attention some far better & more effective ways of beating cancer.

      Thanks for your support, Silver Poet!

    • Silver Poet profile image

      Silver Poet 7 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

      Thank you for having a heart for those who are ill, and the good sense to detect what's really going on.

    • keepitnatural profile image

      keepitnatural 7 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      I agree, Marla, we should remember all the people whose lives have been saved through chemotherapy.

      The message I am trying to get accross here is that there are other, side effect free ways to beating cancer& I just think this treatment has now long run it's course.

    • Marla Turner profile image

      Marla Turner 7 years ago from The Universe

      Excellent hub on a very timely subject. Chemotherapy is a miracle for many, but it's not the answer for everyone and every situation. Keep up the great work :)

    • keepitnatural profile image

      keepitnatural 7 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

      Thankyou so much for your comments, D.Virtual.Doctor! It's great to know about it when people enjoy reading my hubs, thanks again! x

    • D.Virtual.Doctor profile image

      Funom Theophilus Makama 7 years ago from Europe

      I am so happy to be the first to comment on this very great hub.... This is an awesome hub. I feel so privileged to read it. Keep up the good work and continue to keep us informed and educated. Thanks once again and I rate it high