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Bach Flower Remedy: Chestnut Bud And Repetitive Mistakes

Updated on February 13, 2013

The Bach flower remedy Chestnut Bud is the essence that learns from experience and past mistakes and never repeats them, However, when it is absent in a person, you’ll see that he keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again. It’s almost like he has no memory of it, much like the movie 50 First Dates. Those who observe him will wonder how on earth someone can never seem to learn from his mistakes but the person does it almost unconsciously and it’s like watching a clip from a movie being rewound and replayed over and over again.


Take a look around and you’ll find many people you know who fit into this category. It can be quite exasperating and you can’t help but wonder why on earth someone could be so stupid. It could be someone driving a car and turning and scraping the fender at the same spot ever so often. Or it could be a cricketer who gets out to the same ball innings after innings. Or a child who gets the same spelling or maths problem wrong time after time. After a few doses of Chestnut Bud, you’ll begin to see the difference. The change to normalcy could be slow but it’s sure.


It’s almost as though when he makes a mistake, there’s a memory blackout in his mind. When he repeats a mistake the next time, the world can see he’s repeating it but for him, it’s a first time. There’s almost no record of the experience which teaches the mind a lesson not to do it again. Or maybe the mind for some reason rejects the memory of the experience without allowing it room to be lodged in the conscious or the subconscious. Chestnut Bud allows the wisdom of experience to operate and the mind then remembers and sends out a message for a mistake not to be repeated,


You’ll see it very often in matters of the heart. A woman falling in love with the same kind of loser every time. Or worse, going back again and again into the arms of an abuser. Or a man who cannot resist the wiles of a gold digger and falling for the same type time after time without learning his lesson. It’s almost as though there are no emotional lessons learned from failure or from past hurts. Chestnut Bud makes a person more discerning and objective the second time around. Once bitten twice shy kicks into operation.


It’s the same story when it comes to religious or spiritual matters. It’s as though these people are caught on a circular treadmill that goes round and round, never getting off even while they are not happy. They join religious groups, get exploited and still keep on coming back for more. These are the kind of people who very easily get drawn to cults and never leave – or even if they do, they go back. Chestnut Bud helps them see more clearly and judge what’s good for them or not depending on what their experience has been.

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    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

      shamelabboush thanks for reading!

      Tatjana - as always, happy to see you here - how true! Then experience would be such a great teacher!

    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 8 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Thumbs up for you, your Hub and Chestnut Bud...which would be great for all humanity - so expression "History repeats ifself" would not have value any more.

    • shamelabboush profile image

      shamelabboush 8 years ago

      I'm so bewildered! Nice and philosophic hub.