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Chewable Fiber Choice Tablets Can Help You With Weight Loss

Updated on November 3, 2008

I have recently discovered something that seems to be helping with me getting rid of the small pockets of fat that I have around my waist. It is a product called "Fiber Choice"; which is just Chewable Fiber tablets. I'm pretty sure you can take other types of "Chewable Fiber". I personally like using Fiber Choice because it is made in America. The whole key to this product is the (FIBER).

One of the more well known Weight-Loss supplements on the market is something called "Chitosan". Information on it states that Chitosan is a kind of Fiber; which binds to Fat; which then in turn prevents your Intestines from absorbing the Fat into your body. Just imagine Fat as being a Circle, and the walls of your Intestines having openings to allow for Circle's to easily pass-through it. Now think of Fiber as a Square. So when the Square attaches itself to the Circle; neither one of them can pass through the walls of the Intestines. So you just pass both the Chitosan and Fat out with your Feces. The problem with Chitosan, is that it is made from the shells of Shellfish. So if someone is allergic to Shellfish, then these products can cause a major allergic reaction. Also some web sites claim that Chitosan can actually prevent some Medications and Vitamins from being absorbed into your body. So while I have noticed some help in the past with Chitosan; I haven't wanted to take it in years. But I had wondered if Chitosan is Fiber; then why couldn't I just take Fiber? Other Fiber sources such a those that come from Fruit and Vegetables should also be able to absorb Fat and other Toxins. So I decided to give it a shot.

Fiber Choice lists on the bottle to take 1-to-2 of their tablets Per-Day, and no more then 6 Per-Day. So I started taking 1-to-2 (Depending On How Fatty The Meal Is) with Each-Meal. (NOTE: FIBER MAKES YOU USE THE TOILET, AND TOO MUCH CAN GIVE YOU DIARRHEA). Each person is different; so just find a good dose for you. I have been doing this for a few weeks now and have noticed I am losing more of my Waist-Fat, then I was with just Working-Out. So the Fiber is doing 2 things. 1. It is preventing a lot of the Fat from being absorbed into my body. 2. It is keeping Digestive-Tract moving. (NOTE: THE LONGER FOOD SITS IN YOUR INTESTINES, THE MORE YOUR BODY WILL FEED FROM IT. SO IT IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP YOUR SYSTEM WORKING CONSISTENTLY). Fat is not always bad though. Your body (NEEDS FAT), but there is different kinds of Fat. So in Low-Fat-Diets I wouldn't suggest taking too much Fiber. It all depends on what You Eat, and When You Eat it. I always try to eat the right things myself, but sometimes I give-in justs a little bit.

So Here Are A Few Tips You Can Use To Help With Your Weight Loss; Besides Taking The Fiber Choice.

1. Do Not Eat Large Meals Before You Goto Sleep. Since Your Body Is In Sleep-Mode; A Lot Of That Garbage Will Just Be Absorb Into Your Body. If You Must Eat Before Bed-Time; Eat Just A Snack. You Should Wait At least 2 Hours After Eating Before You Goto Sleep.

2. To Lose Body-Fat, Try Doing Cardo Workouts In The Morning After You Wake Up On An Empty Stomach. Or If You Can't Do That; Then Later On In The Day Several Hours After Eating Lunch. That Way Your Body Will Use Your Fat For Fuel And Not The Food.

3.YOU MUST EAT! The Biggest Mistake People Make When Dieting Is Starving Themselves. All Your Doing Is Making Your Body Go Into Starvation-Mode; And When You Do Finally Give-In; Your Body Will Store Most Of What You Just Ate. Think Of Your Digestive-System As A Long Conveyor With Food On It. Your Body Doesn't Absorb Everything You Eat; It Takes What It Needs Right Then. So When Your Eating Smaller-Meals, Then Your Body Knows There Will Be Another Meal Coming Soon; So It Is Okay With Not Absorbing Much Of That Food. But If Your Starving Yourself; Your Body Is Going To Do 2-Things. 1. It Is Going To Make You More hungry Then You Would Otherwise be. 2. It Will Hold Onto The Food In Your Body Longer; So It Can Extract More Fuel From It. So Eat SMALLER Meals; Instead Of Starving Yourself.

4. Get Plenty Of Sleep. Studies Have Shown Lack-Of-Sleep Can Cause Problems With Weight-Gain. So Get That 7-To-9 Hours Of Sleep A Night.

5. Don't Workout Too Much. If Your An Athelte; Then Your Body Is Used To Long Workoutst. But First-Timers Often Times Make The Mistake Of Working Out For Too Long & Too Hardcore. Then They Are Sore For A Week, And Then Their Brain Relates Working-Out To Pain. Workouts Should Be Fun; They Shouldn't Be Something You Hate Doing. Also Keep In Mind That (Some) Working Out Is Better Then (None). So If You Can Only Workout For 5 Minutes; Then Workout For 5 Minutes.

6. Make Sure You Eat Enough Protein-Rich Foods. Protein Is The Building-Blocks Of Your Body. You Need To Eat Enough Of It Each Day. I Personally Use A Lot Of Soy, Flax-Seed, Wheat-Grass, And Sometimes Hemp Protein Before And After My Workouts. I Also Make Drinks Out Of Those Mixes And Drink Those When I'm Hungry. Soy Has The Same Complete-Protein As Meat. So Drinking A Glass Of Soy-Milk Is Like Eating A Steak.

So hopefully this helps some people out. E-mail me if you have any Questions.

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