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Chia Seeds - Age-defying anti-oxidants

Updated on June 19, 2011

Chia Seeds - Age-defying anti-oxidants

Chia seeds are a member of the mint family, and their use has been traced all the way back to Mayan times. Aztec warriors would consume the seeds when they were heading into battle. The seeds helped them to keep full, hydrated and in their best form. Live your life like an Aztec warrior by increasing your intake of chia seeds. You will be amaze at the results of this little seed. You will feel fuller longer, curb cravings, and keep hydrated.

Chia seeds have more fiber than flax, and no plant hormones like soy. They are easy to digest, completely natural and chemical free. By adding some water to the seeds, you can collect an all-natural gel substance that can be added to food, coffee, shakes and other beverages. You can also eat it by itself! By adding it to salad dressings, you can pump up the amount of nutrition in each salad. Chia seeds make it easy to increase your nutrient and ant-oxidant intake at any meal. Using the gel, you can replace butter and other fatty substances in your baked goods and home cooking.

One of the benefits of chia seeds is the high amount of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants work to destroy free radicals and other harmful effects that slowly attack your body. While they are found in many different foods, chia seeds have a large concentration of them in a small package for a low price. These little seeds are very powerful and loaded with good things for your body. They have large amounts of fiber, protein and antioxidants. By keeping you hydrated, chia seeds will ward off wrinkles and dehydration. The high amount of anti-oxidants that chia seeds contain, actually keeps them fresher longer. A bag of chia seeds can be bought relatively inexpensively and be stored at room temperature for up to two years.

Chia seeds increase your metabolism, speeding up your body to digest food faster. This keeps your body slimmer and sleeker, making you feel and look younger. Chia seeds work as a cleansing system for your body. They slowly will remove material that has built up in your small intestine, leaving you feeling lighter and healthier. You will feel youthful, more energized, and over all, super healthy. Once your body is clear, it can send clear signals to your brain about what it wants and needs. With the everyday use of chia seeds, you will be amazed at the results on your body and the way you feel.

If anyone would like to tell us your recipes or how you eat your chia seeds please email us at , would also love to hear how they have improved any health problems. Thanks


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