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The Highly Contagious Chicken Pox Virus

Updated on September 2, 2016

The Airborne Virus

A Short-Term Viral Infection

A medical name identified for the Chicken pox virus is referred to as ''Varicella- Zoster.'', The contagious virus is usually known to most as simply the ''Chicken pox virus.'' According to the Center for Disease and Control the Chicken pox virus is only classified as a basic viral infection. Frequently a Chicken pox outbreak will normally display such obvious and quite evident symptoms that the virus has become self-diagnosable. The viral infection is fairly common in the United States with approxiamently two-hundred thousand individuals diagnosed each year. A Chicken pox virus diagnosis is rarely ever fatal for most, but currently one out of sixty thousand infected with the virus will die suddenly from major complications. On average the Chicken pox virus only affects the smaller children who are under twelve years of age. Commonly the virus will first create a spotty skin rash with many small itchy blisters on a patients face. Eventually the sporty rash will spread further down to cover a patients chest area, next it spreads to completely spot the back, and then will spread to various other parts of the human body. In the majority of cases, the Chicken pox virus is accompanied with dangerously high fever, a severe sore throat, strong pounding headaches, general feelings of nausea, aching muscles, horrible stomach aches, a watery nasal discharge, and often fatigue is reported. Many patients who suffer with the virus will complain about a sudden loss of appetite and normally show signs of swollen lymph nodes. On average, a patient with the highly contagious virus shows a fever that ranges from one-hudred one to one-hudred two degrees fahrenheit. A few of the more serious complications associated with the Chicken pox virus may possiably include Pneumonia, bacterial infections of the skin, or severe inflammation of the brain. There have been numerous studies conducted by various universities around the world that claim '"sunshine therapy'' is often highly effective in killing off the chicken pox virus. If the patient happens to catch the short-term virus prior to developing a skin rash, many claim the sunshine up above in the sky, naturally gives off sunrays, and are considered anti-viral in nature. The sunshine also naturally gives off vitamin D that is known to boost the human bodies immune system. In fact, most researchers agree that exposing yourself to mild sunshine on a daily basis seems to be the best policy. The Chicken pox virus is highly contagious and normally spreads quickly. Often the contagious virus is transmitted from person to person through direct contact, drinking after an infected person, romantically kissing an infected person, by the many tiny salava droplets dispersed into the air by coughing, or possiably even sneezing. The short term virus is widely known as an airborne disease and can even be spread by using the very same blankets as an infected patient. Simply by touching the same door knob as an infected person can widely spread the contagious virus. Although, the Chicken pox virus is usually a short-term viral infection that commonly resolves itself within a few days or a short few weeks. General treatment for the Chicken pox virus will usually only involve relieving the different symptoms that are currently present in a patient. However, people with highly weakened immune systems or even pregnant women are at a much higher risk of catching the virus than others. All health professionals currently working in the medical field will declare that the particular high risk groups of individuals may need to receive various anti-viral medications for simple cautious preventions and saftey measures.

Fully Covered With Blisters And Scabs

Common Remedy Items Used For Cure And Comfort

Crusty Scabs All Over The Body

Naturally every patient diagnosed with the Chicken pox virus will eventually experience the numerous fluid-filled blisters that develop from raised bumps. On average, about one day prior to the blisters starting to bust open and begin steadily oozing out with nasty fluids. Generally at this stage in the illness the many fluid-filled blisters will itch profusely, the blisters will be well-developed, and very difficult to avoid the urge to itching. An individual must always try to avoid clawing or scratching at the itchy skin at this particular time. Heavy scratching at the blisters filled with fluid often causes the blisters to burst open, the fluid will run astray on the skins surface, and more than likely causes the blisters to spread to other areas of the body much more effectively. A common method for dealing with the discomfort of severe itching associated with the Chicken pox virus is soaking in a hot oatmel bath for about thirty minutes each day. The hot oatmeal bath will significantly help soothe and naturally moisturize the itchy skin. Another popular method is a baking soda treatment that will often help control the skins itchiness and irritations. Simply by stirring one tablespoon of baking soda into an eight ounce glass of water, using a washcloth to gently rub the solution on affected areas, and be certain to always allow for the solution to dry completely on the skin. Many times simply coating the affected areas with one-hundred percent raw honey about two to three times each day can greatly accelerate the healing process for blisters. After the blisters burst and leak out the fluids a patient can then expect to receive numerous small scabs. The many scabs that cover the body naturally will become very crusty as they finally start to heal. Normally it will take an average of four to five days for the blisters to completely heal. Although, the condition will usually resolves by itself within a couple of weeks. The spotty rash sometimes can last for upwards of one month, but the infections contagious factors normally completely disappear after a week or two. Some people will contract the contagious Chicken pox virus more than once in there lifetime, but this is typically a highly rare accurance. In the United States there is currently a vaccine available that is said to prevent the contagious Chicken pox virus for those who are interested. The highly contagious Chicken pox virus presently occurs in all parts of the modern world. In the United States, commonly small children who are diagnosed with the virus are ordered by a pediatricion to remain home and away from public school for a few days. This doctor order is intended to purposely restrict the vast spreading of the highly contagious Chicken pox virus within the public school systems. If anyone happens to contract a terriable case of the Chicken pox virus alwAys be sure to use cool compresses or ice packs to ease itching discomforts. Be certain to choose only healthy food items while enduring the illness. Basic healthy options include eating fresh fruits and vegetables that provide phytonutrients that naturally strengthen the bodies immune system. Avoid eating any dairy products, spicy foods, processed foods, high sugary foods, and carbonated sodas. Always get plenty of solid rest, stretch out, and relaxing comfortably in a bed. Be sure to drink plenty of cold ice water with or without a splash of lemon juice to keep the body adequately hydrated.

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Ointment For The Contagious Chicken Pox Virus

A Short Video Clip About The Highly Contagious Chicken Pox Virus

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