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Childhood the Gateway to the Future

Updated on September 14, 2013
The foundation starts here
The foundation starts here

Foundation for life

One of the most joyous times in your entire life is suppose to be childhood. The best part of parents lives is suppose to be to see their child smile and yell in delight. What we sometimes either forget or haven't been told is childhood is the foundation for your entire life. If you never was shown affection as a child you might struggle with it later on in your life or sometimes your entire life. That's just one example, another is children who were neglected will often look for validation or seek validation later on in life from other places. Be it a partner (which they will need validation more than average person) or sometimes gangs or friends. So the foundation all begins in childhood. When you look in the eyes of your child remember your not just their parents. Your there teacher. You don't have to have designer bedding, etc to give your child a good foundation. All they really need or want is your love. To be kissed, held, corrected when wrong, and celebrated when they are correct. To feel protected and safe. To know you will always be their when they fall, and will hold there hand when they cross the street for the first time. As i write this blog, this is a topic that is very close to my own heart because i have witnessed sweet children turn to a hell raiser because they didn't get what they needed as a child. So please read some suggestions to give your children a foundation for the gateway to life based on love.

It doesn't matter if your a single parent or two parent family its about love.
It doesn't matter if your a single parent or two parent family its about love.

Get Involved with your children!

First steps to building a foundation starts with how much time you spend with your children. I know life is demanding especially when your trying to keep your family afloat. Still try to give your children at least 2 hours of time when your home. Play games with them, go for a walk, explain things to them, and most importantly tell how much you enjoy spending time with them. Plan an activity with them that requires your help but is at their age level. If your a single parent i know it can be harder for you to do this. Just plan a movie night and drink a few sips of coffee and hold your child in your lap. Give them your time. Stay involved in their lives because before you know it they will be 25. Scary huh? LOL


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