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Children with Silent Stress Syndrome, Ways to Help your Child

Updated on July 10, 2011

In a world that is becoming more and more uncertain. It’s not only adults that suffer, but children being very perceptive, also get stressed when times get tougher. According to a survey by the American Psychology Association it was revealed that in the past twelve months up to 45 percent of children 13 to 17 and 26 percent of children 8 to 12 are starting to worry more. Children tend to be silent sufferers and won’t usually tell you when they are feeling anxious, so you have to look for clues. The signs are there, if your child is suffering from stress, you just have to know what to look for.

Headaches are a natural response to stress in many children. Muscular tension in response to stress squeezes nerves in the head and neck resulting in a headache. Since it isn’t always advisable to give your child strong pain relievers that are designed for adults, you may want to try this mild, yet effective remedy. Studies show that peppermint’s crisp aroma eases anxious feelings in minutes, and even relieves tension headaches as effectively as Tylenol. The smell of peppermint stimulates the trigeminal nerve that runs through the nose. This triggers the activity of the large nerve fibers which inhibit the transmission of pain signals produced by muscle tension. In order to help your child get relief from his headache try dabbing a bit of peppermint oil on his or her temples and forehead also give your child a peppermint candy or gum.

I for one have tried this remedy, on a night when I had a killer headache. When I have a headache, I cannot take pain relievers because I throw up due to stomach upset and they do not remain in my system very long. Therefore, the other night when I had a nasty headache, my mother rubbed some peppermint oil on my forehead and temples and I felt better almost immediately.

Another symptom that is common to anxious children is that their stomach will hurt more often. The intestinal tract is lined with miles of nerve fibers that are affected by stress causing children to develop nausea or cramps. A good remedy for this is chamomile tea. It has been discovered that the brew’s apigenin binds to the GABA receptors in the brain, as well as having an antispasmodic action that calms gastrointestinal activity. You may want to give your child two chamomile tea bags in a cup of hot water sweetened with honey. Before trying this remedy make sure your child is not allergic to ragweed.

Insomnia is a common symptom of stress, not only in adults but in children as well. In today’s high-tech world children are often tempted to stay up later than usual to play video games or chat with their friends online. Much of the music that young people listen to also heighten the senses, causing most children to get exited and not sleep. Even though, music at times does stimulate children, it can also have a calming effect. Put some soothing music for your child, such as the sounds of the ocean or other nature sounds and this will lessen the effects stress hormones and speed sleep onset by 60 percent.

Stress is no respecter of persons and that means that children, who are less prepared to deal with it, still have get this common foe. Therefore, it is important to look for signs of stress and to try to help your child both physically and emotionally. With a few good home remedies and some TLC most children will bounce back.


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