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Chinese Exercise Balls

Updated on August 12, 2013

More Health and Stress Balls

Chinese Health Exercise Balls

It is either called Baoding Iron Ball, Cloisonne' Balls, Health Balls, I call it Chinese Exercise Balls, great stress balls, it dates back from the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) and are made by Baoding handicraftsmen through the ages.

It started its life as a solid ball, and then the design became hollow with a sounding plate in it. One had a higher sound and another a low sound the Ying and Yang, Chinese chime balls. It is a wonderful instrument for older people for keeping diseases at bay.

Function of the Chinese Exercise Balls

The traditional Chinese medical theory of “Jingluo” seen as a network of passages where vital energy circulates and the acupuncture points are there. The ten fingers connect with the heart, with Jingluo, the meridians; the ten fingers are connected with the cranial nerve and vital organs of the human body, the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, gallbladder, stomach and intestines. In twisting the iron balls or plucking with fingers, the balls can stimulate the various acupuncture points on the hand, resulting in the flow of circulation of vital energy and blood in the body. The Jingluo, the channels, meridians unblocked and thorough, the vital energy and blood to function in harmony, the muscles nimble, the bones strong, the mind, it can also stimulate the circulation of blood, and prevent hypertension and other chronic diseases. If you keep exercising for months and years, it keeps your brain functioning and your memory and intelligence going. It also stops fatigue, your worries, prolongs your life.

My set of Chinese Exercise Balls and my Dads

These are mine that my brother got in China.
These are mine that my brother got in China.
This set is my Dads I got in Italy as well.
This set is my Dads I got in Italy as well.

Uses for the Chinese Exercise Balls

How to use Chinese Exercise Balls

You place the two iron balls on the palm of your hand, crook and stretch your five fingers to cause the balls to rotate and revolve, clockwise or counter clockwise. This works all the joints of the hand; the forearm is working and the fingers. I use a smaller size Baoding Iron Balls, but you can get bigger sized ones as well, especially as you improve.

Maintenance of the Chinese Exercise Balls

The balls are made of metal, they need to be kept dry and clean, no violent banging.

Some other uses of these Chinese Exercise Balls

You can even walk and throw one of these balls from one hand to another; it helps with rehabilitation when someone has been ill awhile. Even placing one under your foot and rolling it, it works those acupuncture points under the foot. If you have a sore ache in the back you can even rub one of these Chinese Balls on the sore point and this is like doing acupuncture almost, or shiatsu massage. See that there are lots of uses of these magical Chinese Balls.

I acquired my first pair of Baoding Iron Balls in the port of Rome, Civitavecchia about 10 years ago or more off a Chinese street vendor. In those days I had only seen one of the passengers on the cruise ship I worked walking around with them, twirling them around in his hand, he said it was for stress. I later got one for my Dad, who is 85 now and still of sound mind, so there must be some good in the theory. It is a wonderful invention of the Chinese for health purposes and keeping the mind and fingers agile.

Some of the Chinese Exercise Balls

Traditional Chinese Health Exercise Stress Message Balls with Chime, Green Yin Yang, 1.5 Inches
Traditional Chinese Health Exercise Stress Message Balls with Chime, Green Yin Yang, 1.5 Inches

This is a lovely small pair, especially for people with small hands, it is just easier to manipulate.


Video on 4 Baoding Balls

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