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Chinese Medicine for an Internal Cleanse

Updated on August 13, 2010
Ginger is often used in Chinese Medicine
Ginger is often used in Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) refers to a medical system that mixes the application of Chinese herbs, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, and movement workouts which is recognized as Tai Chi or Qi Gong to get the body into a sense of balance.

Spleen Qi Deficiency - In traditional Chinese medicine, the Spleen is well thought-out to be the major organ to normalize digestion. Acupuncture points are selected which will assist to support the Spleen qi. Most herbalists make use of a "traditional formula" as a basis. One traditional formula intended for Spleen qi deficiency is referred to as Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang. 

Distressed by Dampness - This state is often attributable to eating in excess greasy or fried food. Attending to this imbalance will lead to a powerful internal cleanse. However, it can also refer to negative thoughts or disturbances. Acupuncture spots are selected to nurture the Spleen and get rid of wetness. The traditional herbal procedure to deal with this guide is referred to as Shen Ling Bai Zhu San.

Excess Cold in the Spleen - The surplus of cold in the Spleen leads to serious pain. Acupuncture is used to provide warmness in the Spleen, and the traditional formula is referred to as Da Jian Zhong Tang possibly will be recommended, even though in serious cases of constipation supplementary herbs have to be added to provide a laxative result and internal cleansing.

Spleen as well as Kidney Yang Deficiency - Yang energy gives warmness to the body furthermore an insufficiency of Spleen also Kidney. Yang possibly will lead to experiencing cold feet and hands or feeling cold. Acupuncture healing focuses on strengthening this lacking Yang energy. The traditional formula is referred to as Si Shen Wan can be used together with subtractions and additions to go well with the correct requirements of the long-suffering individual.

Liver Qi Stagnation - Acupuncture is extremely helpful at bringing back the even flow of Liver qi, as are progress movements for instance Qi Gong or Tai Chi. The traditional formula of alternative for the IBS patient with Liver Qi Stagnation is referred to as Liu Mo Tang.

Liver/Spleen Disharmony - dissonance among the Liver and Spleen is the reason of irritability together with abdominal swelling and pain. Xiao Yao Wan is a traditional procedure for Liver/Spleen disharmony, nevertheless it does need to be customized. Tong Xie Yao Fang is one more traditional formula utilized to cure Liver or Spleen disharmony and is the most excellent option when diarrhea is rampant. Acupuncture healing will focus on relaxing the Liver and will nourish the Spleen.

Damp-Heat in the Large Intestine - diarrhea and abdominal pain are main signs and symptoms which indicates damp warmth in the Large Intestine. Acupuncture is utilized to clear heat as well as gets rid of dampness. The generally used traditional formula is referred to as Ge Gen Huang Qin Huang Lian Tang.


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