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Chinese Theft of American Proprietary Crop Seeds

Updated on January 9, 2014

So, in past 15 years China has come to power and considered to be the #2 nation, thanks to all of the Western nations. The Chinese opened up their communistic ways to embrace the West to steal and copy anything and everything for their own. As the great communist leader, Lenin, once said in 1918 or so, when that political regime began, communism will milk the West of what it needs and then devour them. Something like the female black widow does after mating with the male-she kills him.

All the consumer products that we buy are made there are cheaper. But, the know-how and technology to make them came from the West as firms rushed over there for the huge Chinese market. Profit was the only thing Western companies saw. The Chinese have improved on this technology. China is still a communistic country. Their model is after the Russian one that they cling to religiously. Any facade of being open and democratic is only to allow the West to invest and then steal technology. At some point, China will be the #1 nation, how will it act when this occurs?

China has been stealing information and weapon technology from the USA and others. Now, a Chinese group has been charged with stealing million dollar recipes and seeds that produce corn and other crops. These seeds are genetically altered to produce more volume and quality. One ring of Chinese were able to locate the test fields where the new seeds are evaluated. Two men have been charged, one is a Chinese with a green card, while the other one is a US Citizen. Both men worked for the biotech companies who were developing the seeds.

One was found transporting many seeds while leaving for China, only to be stopped at the airport. The seeds found were specialized rice that had been altered to fight liver and other diseases. It is 500 times for profitable than regular rice. The other Chinese had been caught with inbred hybrid corn seeds stolen from Mosanto and DuPont. Also found were locations of secret test fields. These fields can only be found from someone within the organization.

China wants the years of research and testing of these special seeds. If they can get them, they can grow their own GMO crops and avoid importing them from the US, their major supplier. This would cut into the sales. Of course, biotech advances in agriculture also would increase crop yields from the special seeds. With China's population exploding, there is another reason why the Chinese want to steal American hybrid seeds.


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    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 3 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      They are welcome to GMO corn. With a bit of luck it will be banned in the USA like many countries have done already.