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Chiropractic Salt Lake City - Dudley Wellness – Dr. Mark Dudley Chiropractor

Updated on September 28, 2010

Looking for a Salt Lake City Chiropractor?

Dr. Mark Dudley DC, QN is not your Typical Chiropractor! Mark isn’t the bone juggling neck cracking stereotypical Chiropractor that so many nay sayers like to discredit. Dudley Wellness is part of Dr. Dudley’s practice and overall philosophy in helping patients restore and maintain a healthy body. Dr. Dudley’s practice is based on traditional chiropractic manipulation in combination with Quantum Neurology.

Dr. Dudley uses Quantum Neurology methods to remove the pain and discomfort caused from Neurological Imbalances. This is not an overnight immediate transition to health. And wellness can not happen unless you participate in your treatment. Dr. Dudley’s methods are designed primarily with restoring normal nerve function in mind. Proper balance in the nervous system is a main key to restoring wellness.

Personally I’ve visited several Chiropractors over the years and each seems to have a different approach and philosophy which breaks into two groups. Those Chiropractors who think that wellness is achieved solely by manipulating the spine to correct “Subluxations” and those who look at the body as a whole and incorporate various methods of chiropractic manipulation with an emphasis on wellness via nutrition and counseling.

Chiropractors are health care professionals who diagnose, treat and aid in the prevention of disease and other disorders of the nervous system and general health resulting from mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Treatment involves the application of controlled force on affected areas, mainly on the spinal column although certain chiropractors are not focused on vertebral subluxations. Treatment may also involve a mix of change in nutrition, recommended exercise routines and lifestyle changes. Chiropractors treat chronic pain resulting from sports or other injuries.

Chiropractic Wellness in Salt Lake City for Weight Loss

One of Dr. Dudley’s main areas of expertise in nutritional counseling for weight loss using the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. When a patient agrees to follow the Ideal Protein Weight Loss method and make a real commitment to their health amazing results can be achieved.

The idea Protein Weight Loss Method was developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh MD in France during the 1980’s. The Idea behind this protocol is to stabilize the pancreas to maintain blood sugar levels while maintaining muscle and burning off unneeded fat.

Dr. Tein believes that the cause of most weigh tissues in in modern society can be traced to insulin dysfunction. Diets that are disproportionate in sugars and saturated fats (As most grocery store foods are) cause the body to produce an excess of insulin which stays in the system and puts the blood sugar in a negative balance. You can learn more about the Method at Ideal Protein.

A Brief Explanation of Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation

The philosophy behind Quantum Neurlogy in a Chiropractic context is the body has it’s own innate ability to heal if the proper Chiropractic Techniques are applied to activate the channels of healing. Using both traditional Chiropractic tests and new tests developed by Dr. George Gonzalez DC, QN the practicing Chiropractor can help the body restore itself. Dr. Mark Dudley in Salt Lake City is trained and authorized in Quantum Neurology.

Salt Lake City Residents – How to Contact Dudley Chiropractic Wellness

If you are in the Intermountain West and have difficulty with back pain, neck pain, peripheral neuropathy or any nerve condition your existing Physicians may not be able to treat you owe it to yourself to give your body a chance to heal. Medical Doctors do very little to treat patients “Hands On”. They typically refer you out to a Physical Therapist or write you a prescription. As a last resort they will perform surgery. The problem is that drugs treat symptoms and do not address the real issues – finding the cause of the problem and working hands on to create a solution so your body can heal.

Drugs of course only temporarily mask the symptoms and create their own problems with a new set of side effects. And Physical Therapists are great at correcting muscle imbalances, but are not trained to deal with nerve issues. Chiropractic may be your solution. The trick is selecting a Chiropractic Physician with specialized training in the area you need and working with the Doctor of Chiropractic to create a plan for healing. Dudley Wellness is a great place to start your search if you need a Salt Lake City Chiropractor.

Dr. Mark Dudley DC, QN


77 South 700 East (Suite 230)
Salt Lake City UT 84102

Web: Salt Lake City Chiropractor

Disclaimer: Dr. Dudley is a personal friend; however I am not paid to endorse his services. This article has not been solicited or endorsed by Dr. Dudley. The opinions contained herein are my own. Your health is your responsibility. If you are not getting better with your current line of treatment then you should seriously consider creating a new plan of action.

Chiropractic treats nervous issues in the spine.
Chiropractic treats nervous issues in the spine.


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