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Chiropractors and TMJ Is It Possible for a Chiropractor to Treat TMJ

Updated on April 7, 2010

The jaw one of the most important body parts that we have can have some issues that can cause you pain. One of those issues is called Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction or TMJ for short. However, some people do not like being treated for TMJ and figure that they can just deal with it on their own, but doing this can lead to serious problems further on in life. Some people also do not think that a chiropractor can treat TMJ, but some studies have shown that it is possible for a chiropractor to treat TMJ and for the treatment to be very effective.

TMJ can be caused by several issues, but some of the side effects that you can experience from TMJ would be headaches, ear pain, trouble chewing, eating, or even talking! All of these various conditions though will depend on the severity of the TMJ condition that you are dealing with. So you can see why you will want to have your TMJ treated as quickly as possible to prevent any of those secondary problems from occurring.

While you might not think that TMJ could happen to you, you will want to consider that anybody can get this issue since stress on the jaw is one of the main causes! Many people though will be hunting for quick relief from the pain that is occurring and will turn to pain relievers or other treatments that help quickly, but do not help with the long term issues. A chiropractor treating TMJ will definitely be able to aid you in getting the relief that you need though from your TMJ pain for the long term.

Many times when people see a chiropractor to treat their TMJ they will quickly realize that the chiropractor is not just going to be treating the TMJ, but will also be treating the underlying cause if they are able to. Treating the underlying cause will mean that you will be able to get rid of that intense pain for longer periods of time if not permanently. Chiropractors are great to consult with if you are like many of us that do not want to be taking medication on a daily basis or if you want to get back to having as natural medical treatment as possible.

You might be asking how exactly is a chiropractor going to be able to treat my TMJ? Well that is a good question and the answers will vary greatly depending on your chiropractor’s treatment methods, but one of the first things that most of them will do is conduct an assessment of your problem to determine what exactly is the underlying cause of the problem. Once that is concluded your chiropractor will have a very practical treatment plan in mind that will allow them to set up goals for you to ensure that the treatment will succeed in aiding you to get rid of your TMJ.

Some of the more popular methods that are around is since the chiropractic field is very in tune with the muscles and the skeleton they will know a wide variety of muscle relaxing techniques. These muscle relaxing techniques might be ones that you have never seen used before, but you will want to at least give them a chance to see if they are going to work because he is a doctor and has studied this field for years. Some other techniques that he might recommend using would be massage therapy. I know that for some of us this might seem like an unnecessary step, but it can help you relax your muscles tremendously which can definitely help alleviate some of the pain that is present.

While many people will still question if a chiropractor can treat TMJ all that you can do is make one phone call to a chiropractor in your local phone book to find out for sure. The chiropractic treatment can be very helpful and is a very natural approach to helping you heal your TMJ over the long term. Remember your chiropractor can teach you muscle relaxing techniques that can ensure that your TMJ doesn't return.

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