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Chocolate Diet Guide

Updated on January 27, 2013

Introduction to the Chocolate Diet

The chocolate diet is an increasingly popular fad diet that is aimed specifically at "chocoholics" to help them lose weight. This diet was created by British author Sally Ann Voak in her book The Chocolate Diet, and has gained a popular following among dieters who simply don't want to give up chocolate. One of the underlying ideas behind this diet is that some people simply can not realistically give up chocolate, while others don't want to and so it makes sense to develop a diet that allows for chocolate addicts to have limited chocolate while still losing weight. Since then, there have been several other versions of the chocolate diet created, all giving the hope to those people who are true chocoholics that you can still have a little bit of a guilty pleasure without breaking the waistline wide open.

Chocolate Diet Basics

Sally Ann Voak's chocolate diet starts with a detailed set of quizzes from her books which the dieter uses to determine what level of "chocoholic" you are. There are six different categories of chocoholics and which class you fall under plays a major part in determining the exact calorie levels (and make up) of your specific diet. This diet then uses a limited amount of chocolate per day as a motivator, while keeping strict meal plans that are designed to keep the daily calorie amounts at very low levels in the 1000-1500 range or less.

Low calorie vegetables, the type that often make up the negative calorie foods diet, are allowed in unlimited amounts in this diet, but higher calorie vegetables are strictly limited. Almost every meal is supposed to be at 400 calories or even less. These extremely low amounts make this diet a very low calorie diet that has gained some criticism for having some of the same tell tale signs that other fad diets have, but no matter how you cut it the calorie amounts on this diet are still far better than say the cambridge diet.

If you think the chocolate diet might still be for you, read on for a full review of this diet and weight loss plan.

The 6 Types of "Chocoholics"

One of the major parts of the chocolate diet is determining what level of "chocoholic" you are.  In her book, there are 6 different types laid out:

Secret Bingers: Dieters who eat chocolate in secret or hide it in unusual places.

Romantics: Romantics are most often single people who use chocolate as a substitute for physical and emotional affection.  Also known as emotional eating.

Comfort Eaters: Tend to eat chocolate most often when they feel tired or stressed. According to the author this is the most common type of Chocoholic.

Weekend Indulgers: Are individuals who will use weekends or celebrations as the perfect excuse to go off the wagon and over-indulge in chocolate.

Sugar Addicts: Sugar addicts are chocolate eaters who obtain most of their daily calories from carbs and will often eat chocolate for an "energy boost."

Premenstrual Cravers: Only women can fall into this category of "chocoholics," and this group is completely made up of women who overindulge in chocolate only at certain times during their monthly cycle.

Those are the 6 types of chocoholics classified for the chocolate diet.

Is the Chocolate Diet Dangerous?

There are some concerns about whether or not the chocolate diet is safe. The biggest concerns about this involve the chocolate diet being a fad diet that has too low amount of calories. The body needs a minimum amount of calories each day to avoid going into "starvation mode" where it hordes fat and burns off muscle, and for most people 1000 calories is below this mark they need to stay at that minimum level.

This concern has a definite point. As for whether or not the diet is actually dangerous, it might be if this was your permanant eating plan, but there are definitely far worse fad diets out there. Most professionals will tell you that this diet and eating plan is not complete nutrition wise, and if you are going to go on this diet than you should make sure to take some vitamin supplements to help make up the slack, but in the end the choice about whether or not this diet is right for you can only be made by you.

Is This the Same as the Feel Good Chocolate Diet?

The question comes up quite often asking if the "Chocolate Diet" is the same as the "Feel Good Chocolate Diet." The answer is simple: no. The Chocolate Diet was developed by Sally Ann Voak and involves an entire eating plan based around a book and the theory behind the weight loss plan. The feel good chocolate diet, on the other hand, is based mainly around the use of a weight loss supplement and is a completely different plan altogether.

Chocolate Diet, the Conclusion

Hopefully this hub has provided you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not the chocolate diet is right for you.  The chocolate diet as it is laid out in its original form, is a very low calorie diet and might not be right for many people.  If you're like me, and just don't really care about chocolate, than this diet simply doesn't hold a lot of incentive.  Heck, in my case I'm more likely to jump at the egg diet than any chocolate diet, but that's just for me.  For the many dieters who absolutely love chocolate in all its shapes and forms, then maybe this diet is the perfect solution.  I only hope that there's enough information here that you can make an informed decision on whether or not this particular fad diet is right for you.

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    • Beverly Stevens profile image

      Beverly Stevens 7 years ago from College Station

      90% of the chocolate hubs glorify eating chocolate. It is nice to read one that is more realistic.

    • Julie-Ann Amos profile image

      Julie-Ann Amos 8 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

      Awesome hub thank you - very informative ands clarifies the 2 chocolate diets that I'll admit I thought were the same